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The ATC Plā 350 Ultra Lite Travel Trailer Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Is it possible to have your cake and eat it? Do you want to travel light and far but can’t bear the idea of traveling without your T7, ATV, or UTV? The ATC (Aluminum Trailer Company) Plā (pronounced “Play”) 350 travel trailer is configured to be both a toy hauler and a mobile home of sorts by combining functionality and a bit of comfort. The Plā 350 stands out for its flexibility and modular design, enabling adventurers to customize their base camp according to their needs. This arrangement ensures that explorers can enjoy a tailored experience without depending solely on their tow vehicle for challenging terrain.

The ATC Plā 350’s lightweight structure, made possible by an all-aluminum frame, allows for easy towing with compact trucks or mid-size SUVs, and the trailer comes in two sizes and base models, the 12-foot 1210 model with a curb weight of 1,400 pounds and the 14-foot 1412 model with a curb weight of 1,700 pounds. Notably, the trailer’s construction eschews wood, opting for materials that are easier to clean and maintain; you can wash the interior with a hose. This design choice enhances the trailer’s durability while supporting the manufacturer’s green initiative, using hypoallergenic and recycled materials.

The Plā 350’s sturdy frame offers up to 3,850 pounds of carrying capacity for the 1210 model or 5,000 pounds for the 1412 model, capacities crucial for adventurers who bring along adventure bikes, kayaks, dirt bikes, ATVs, or small UTVs. The trailer’s load/living area is equipped with airline track tie-downs to secure cargo, ensuring safety and convenience. It is advisable that when loading the trailer, particular attention should be given to distributing most of the weight ahead of the trailer’s axle. This approach is critical for maintaining stability while driving at highway speeds.

The Plā 350’s extensive use of airline tracks allows users to customize the space with shelves, cabinets, tables, and a sofa/bed in various configurations to suit their use case. Beyond the standard furnishings, ATC’s expanding range of options allows users to enhance the interior setup, including air conditioning or a private toilet and cabinets arranged horizontally or vertically. The trailer features an exterior awning and locking doors on the side and front, leading to exterior storage compartments. These allow for storing gear, helping keep the interior space clear and uncluttered.

The construction of the Plā 350 also addresses the need for all-weather protection. It is well-insulated, featuring closed-cell insulation in the walls and ceiling, structural foam in the subfloor, and an enclosed underbelly with a radiant barrier. Dual-pane frameless windows contribute to temperature control and sound dampening, making the trailer comfortable throughout the year. Sledding in Alaska, anyone? Or maybe a trip down south to enjoy the Baja 1000?

Pricing depends on dealership offers; an online search reveals the ATC Plā 350 Ultra Lite Travel Trailer retailing at approximately $32,000.


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