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The All-New Nimbl “Evolution” Camper is Now Full Carbon Fiber and Top Tier

The Nimbl camper is evolving continuously; this last year, the design and production team have focused on improving technology, molds, sourcing, and production. This new-generation camper aims to bridge the gap between the luxurious traveler and a highly capable overland vehicle by continuing to incorporate the amenities and services one might expect of a top-of-the-range exploration vehicle, with the expressed goal of making the strongest, lightest, and most universally capable overland vehicle on the market. New and improved features include:

  • Full carbon-fiber or carbon-fiber-reinforced monocoque camper shell
  • Dual panoramic windows with privacy shades and screens
  • Carbon fiber entry and storage doors
  • Dual roof hatch fans with rain sensors
  • Integrated power system with up to 1080 AH and 760 watts of solar
  • Dimmable upper and lower galley lighting
  • Enhanced customizable cabin

  • Nautically influenced carbon fiber dinette table and countertop
  • Enhanced 4-season tenting; a water-resistant and highly breathable performance softshell (with blackout shades)
  • Marine grade vinyl flooring

  • Custom memory foam queen mattress
  • Nimbl firepit, ax, and shovel survival kit
  • Integrated luggage and storage systems
  • 270-degree awning

  • Onboard air compressor with 2-gallon tank
  • Stealth stairless entry package (handrails and foot holes)
  • 75 gallons freshwater/24 gallons greywater
  • Proprietary 3-step UV water filtration system
  • 12V rooftop mounted air conditioning unit

  • Custom aluminum front bumper with integrated synthetic winch and lighting
  • Customizable flatbed with LED lighting throughout and under-cab RGB
  • Performance suspension system and wheel package
  • Front and rear differential lockers
  • Hydraulic lift system

  • Self-contained wet bath with toiletry storage
  • DC television/monitor
  • Microwave

Late last year, Expedition Portal visited Nimbl’s manufacturing facility in Colfax, California, and witnessed the creation of the very first carbon fiber camper body. Carbon fiber has an impeccable strength-to-weight ratio, making it the ideal manufacturing material for an expedition camper. Its flexible properties allow it to be shaped and molded while reinforcing the strength and minimizing the thickness of camper walls.

The aluminum alloy used in the flatbed construction is robust, lightweight, and has excellent corrosion resistance. The aluminum used is one of the most common and accessible and is great for structural applications, and the combination of carbon fiber and aluminum will ensure a camper that will likely outlast a few base vehicles.

The Evolution utilizes technological innovation from expedition yachts in its weatherproof, aerodynamic design. Built on a 1-ton (or greater) scale, the single-unit camper is weighted and designed to maneuver trails while standing up to extreme weather and climate conditions. Both sleek and practical, the cabin’s nautical-inspired, streamlined design guarantees comfort and ease of use, while the amenities and features allow extended, off-grid travel.

Available Spring 2022, email info@nimblvehicles.com for further information or visit their website www.nimblvehicles.com

Graeme Bell is an author and explorer who has dedicated his life to traveling the planet by land, seeking adventure and unique experiences. Together with his wife and two children, Graeme has spent the last decade living permanently on the road in a self-built Land Rover based camper. They have explored 27 African countries (including West Africa), circumnavigated South America, and driven from Argentina to Alaska, which was followed by an exploration of Europe and Western Asia before returning to explore the Americas. Graeme is the Senior Editor 4WD for Expedition Portal, a member of the Explorers Club, the author of six books, and an Overland Journal contributor since 2015. You can follow Graeme's adventures across the globe on Instagram at graeme.r.bell