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The Aftermarket Space Camper for Tesla’s Cybertruck is Going Viral

Space Campers is an aspirational manufacturer specializing in The Wedge hard shell tent camper and The Cap topper specifically built for the Tesla Cybertruck (this article will focus on the Wedge tent as the Cap topper will likely only be available in 2025). The company introduced the bed-embedded wedge-style tent camper in mid-2023, and now that Tesla has delivered the first Cybertrucks, we hope that the Space Camper mass production will become a reality. Riding the Cybertruck (now commonly abbreviated as the CT) viral wave, there is a slick CGI video blowing up on X. Adding legitimacy to the concept is a prototype that premiered in August.

We are intrigued and might picture the following scene. You are camped on the Alvord Playa, and a man with a manicured beard, dressed head to toe in G1000 Fjallraven gear, arrives in his Cybertruck and pops open the Space Camper. Be prepared to say goodbye to your girlfriend; the Cybertruck is the hottest thing since a SpaceX rocket afterburner!

The wedge-style camper is designed to be user-friendly, allowing for quick setup or breakdown in minutes using air-powered actuators that connect to the truck’s onboard compressor. This feature simplifies the process of opening or retracting the camper, making it ideal for those seeking hassle-free camping experiences.

According to the manufacturer, the camper is versatile and configurable, adapting to various needs and preferences. It boasts full access to the truck bed, maintaining the utility of the Cybertruck while adding the comfort and amenities of a camper. In terms of weight, the camper claims to lead the industry with its lightweight design, enhancing the vehicle’s performance and range. The manufacturing process involves aerospace-grade composites, emphasizing strength, precision, and durability.

Key specifications of the Space Camper include:

  • An adjustable awning
  • Pneumatic cylinders to drive the roof and bed
  • Built-in steps for easy bed access.

A detachable Murphy-style bed (a bed that is hinged at one end to store vertically against a wall, inside a closet or cabinet, or, in this case, the roof of the camper) flips up to allow for eight feet of standing room can accommodate two people and can also, apparently, serve as an exterior furniture. Based on the current design, we wouldn’t risk using the bed as furniture. The camper comes equipped with electrical outlets, USB, and 12V/24V ports to power various devices, and it includes routing pathways for efficient wire and plumbing setups.​

The Space Camper’s design is said to allow for seamless installation without any modifications to the Cybertruck and provides for easy offloading capabilities. It features keyless entry by integrating with the Cybertruck’s tailgate locking mechanism. The camper is designed to be compatible with the Cybertruck’s battery, enabling add-ons and DIY builds. However, it’s worth noting that some of these features, particularly those relying on the Cybertruck’s system to power the camper, remain aspirational at this stage, pending the final design of the truck.​

Additionally, Space Campers plans to offer a range of add-ons for the camper, including canvas walls, a kitchen, solar and roof racks, and a deployable shower. These additions are aimed at enhancing the overall camping experience, providing more comfort and convenience for users. The company’s ambition is to create a camper that not only complements the Cybertruck’s utility but also expands its functionality, making it an attractive option for those seeking a multi-purpose electric vehicle. Time will tell.

Space Campers offers different reservation options for interested buyers. A $100 deposit secures a place as a “Space Cadet,” ensuring a camper from the fourth production run. Alternatively, a $10,000 deposit classifies a buyer as a “Space Baller,” guaranteeing a camper from the first production batch. The base Wedge camper is being offered at a presale price of $24,000 on the Space Camper website. The base model of the camper is offered in black, and the company will initiate contact with customers before finalizing orders to discuss potential accessory additions and the choice of upgrading to stainless steel armor. This enhancement increases the weight by 130 pounds and costs an additional $4,000.


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