Tackling the Rubicon in (Mostly) Stock Toyotas

Last September, Todd Rogers of Four Points Adventures contacted me about joining him on a three-day trip to the historic Rubicon Trail that he had put together for the rooftop tent company Tepui. The really exciting part was that Chris Collard, one of my favorite writers in the off-road industry, was going to be our guide. This was quickly turning into the trip of a lifetime for me, but it wasn’t going to be a vacation—I had a job to do.

As the cook for this guided overland adventure, my job on the Rubicon would be simple yet complex: cook for 11 people and take pictures. I put together a menu that was refined, yet straightforward, and could be put together fairly quickly since I knew there would be long days on the “Con.”

Chris, giving Todd some tips on the proper line. Chris presenting at the drivers’ meeting on day two.

Will Corbet watching as bad weather rolls in.

The long-wheelbase Tacoma, making its way down a narrow, rocky canyon.

Traversing Buck Island Lake. Todd and John, negotiating one of the countless turns on the Rubicon.

Chris’ surgical spotting made tackling obstacles look easy.

Chris and Todd, swapping out a tire that had popped off its bead. The team pulls together and stacks rocks to make the trail passable.

The bottom of Big Sluice. The group moves a downed log in the middle of the trail. Chris uses his 7P snatch block to winch himself to a flat spot to work on his truck.

Evan and Todd making the connections on the tree strap.

The Tepui team, making its way down Big Sluice. Chris Collard watches as his flock makes their way through the trail. The Four Points Land Cruiser on Big Sluice.

The team atop Observation Point. The “road” out to the Rubicon staging area.

One of the two Samurais from Canada that helped get the Hilux running again.

The trip was arduous and fun. Even the long hard days couldn’t break our spirits, and this bunch of rock-crawling novices was unofficially promoted to amateur status by the end of the venture. If asked to do it again, I would say yes in a heartbeat and was proud to be a part of the Tepui team—even if it was just for a few days.

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