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sylvansport go camping trailer

Many people who want to pursue vehicle-based travel aren’t looking to buy a completely new vehicle, or invest in a $40,000 high clearance camper, solely for having fun on the weekends. And who can blame them? At their core, overland travel and road-tripping are about the journey, not the gear.

Knowing that many of our readers are looking for affordable, functional equipment, I’m always seeking products that can be utilized with the vehicles that you already own. And to this end, SylvanSport’s Go camping trailer has gotten my attention. This pint-sized single axel tow-behind is a relatively accessible platform that can haul a respectable amount of gear (including dirtbikes, kayaks, bicycles, or a quad) while also providing sleeping room for up to four individuals in its integrated tent pod.


Sylvansport Go Camping Trailer Features and Specifications


SylvanSport Go Trailer Specs
Price $10,995+
Frame 6000-Series Powder-coated Aluminum
Axels Dexter Torsion Axels
GVWR 1650 pounds
Dry Weight 840 Pounds
Cargo Capacity 810 Pounds
Tongue Weight 85 Pounds


While the Go isn’t advertised as an off-highway trailer, it does provide a moderate 11-inches of ground clearance with its full-sized spare mounted underneath the frame (and 13-inches without the spare mounted). The trailer connects to its host vehicle with a 1 1/4- or 2-inch receiver and 2-inch ball. Its standard 4-pin trailer connector powers waterproof LED brake and turn signal lighting and its modest 85-pound tongue weight combined with a swivel trailer jack makes hitching and unhitching manageable for most individuals. Additionally, four corner-mounted jacks help stabilize the trailer once you arrive at camp and set up its integrated tent.

The Go is a single-axel cargo and camping trailer with a dry (meaning no equipment) gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 1650 pounds. The empty trailer weights 840-pounds and can accommodate 810 pounds of cargo, like bicycles, coolers, water, equipment totes, and food. The trailer’s bones are made from 6000-series powder-coated aluminum, with cast-aluminum wheels and Kenda Loadstar 205/65-10 tires that are rated for highway travel speeds of up to 87 miles per hour.

sylvansport go camping trailer

SylvanSport Go Camping Trailer Cargo Capacity and Integrated Tent Pod

The Go camping trailer features 112 cubic feet of storage space on its gear deck when the equipment rack is raised to its middle position of 48-inches high. If users want improved aerodynamic performance for long-distance drives, the tent platform/equipment rack can be lowered to 17-inches, although this will effectively reduce the usable cargo space on the gear deck to 40 cubic feet. A rotomolded tongue box provides additional equipment storage for lose items and has an integrated lock for security.

sylvansport go camping trailer

The trailer’s integrated rooftop-style tent pod is unique: it opens downwards. While this would appear to offer some advantages over conventional rooftop tents, which often require users to climb around their trailer to insert tension rods, it means that utilizing the Go’s tent will require all cargo on its deck to be unloaded first. This design element could be a nuisance for travelers that change campsites frequently.

From the outside, the Go’s tent appears to be fairly standard, but once inside, it looks more akin to a soft-sided travel trailer. A central walking corridor provides tent access and can be set up as a dining area as well as a sleeping platform. Beds can be configured as two extra-long (80-inches by 34-inches) twins, or one big king-plus (80-inches by 116-inches). With the tent deployed, the interior of the tent pod reveals an overhead storage net as well as a vertical wall that can accommodate a hanging fabric equipment organizer (both are optional pieces of equipment).

sylvansport go camping trailer


SylvanSport’s Go travel trailer starts at $10,995 but is also offered in two other packages, both including additional equipment. The Go big package is $11,995, and the Go all out is $13,995. Learn more about the Go travel trailer at

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