Suzuki Announces Fall 2022 ADV/Dual-Sport Lineup

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like with the recent success (like it or not) of Harley’s PanAmerica, ADV and dual-sport motorcycle manufacturers the world over seem to have stepped up their game. Suzuki’s 2022 lineup for these bikes is impressive: make room in your next bike choice for the V-Strom 650 and 650XT, the DR650S, the DR-Z400S, and the off-road DR-Z50.

Below, Suzuki outlines the above options for ADV riders looking to upgrade or change their minds completely about their next bike purchase. Which one do you like the most?


V-Strom 650 models – Suzuki’s V-Strom 650 models attract riders demanding versatility combined with a rousing riding experience, who demand their motorcycles excel at touring, commuting, or augment a fun adventure when their ride demands it. These are touchstone motorcycles offering unprecedented balance with a natural riding position, comfortable ergonomics, and a flexible and vibrant engine signature that produces stress-free riding during commuting rides around town or a high-mile touring adventure.

V-Strom 650XT Adventure – Point the iconic Suzuki DR-BIG-inspired beak of the V-Strom at the horizon as the 37L quick-release aluminum panniers, rugged accessory bar, handlebar cross-brace, and mirror extensions are standard equipment. Finished with deep, Glass Sparkle Black paint, the 2022 V-Strom 650XT Adventure performs on tubeless-spoke wheels with blue-anodized rims conveying style, strength, and performance.

Loaded with intelligent features and ready for any adventure, the V-Strom 650XT Adventure continues the V-Strom legacy of being a fun, agile, adventurous motorcycle offering unmatched versatility. The engine delivers stellar performance and great fuel economy while achieving worldwide emission standards. Suzuki’s proven engineering delivers a bike with low weight and a trim chassis, creating a V-Strom 650XT Adventure that does so many things well, it could be called the pocket-knife of bikes.

Check out a 2022 V-Strom 650XT Adventure for your next ride and you’ll see it checks off every box on your exploration list.

2022 V-Strom 650XT Adventure
MSRP $10,499
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V-Strom 650XT – Riders love the Suzuki 2022 V-Strom 650XT for its unique merger of a lightweight chassis coupled with an exciting liquid-cooled, 90-degree, 650cc, V-twin engine. A merger that creates a perfectly balanced motorcycle capable of delivering excitement, comfort, and confidence on every ride.

Riders exploring the V-Strom 650XT see it delivers on motorcycling adventure while bringing a big dose of intelligence and versatility. The 2022 V-Strom 650XT comes in attractive Pearl Vigor Blue and Metallic Matte Sword Silver livery and is complemented by hand guards, a lower engine cowl as well as color-matched spoke-style blue-anodized wheels mounting tubeless radial dual-sport tires.

2022 V-Strom 650XT
MSRP $9,399
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V-Strom 650 – Looking for adventure or a real smart buy? The Suzuki V-Strom 650 is the perfect motorcycle for riders looking for exceptional value. The 2022 V-Strom 650’s perfect blend of V-twin performance in a strong, yet lightweight chassis delivering thrilling rides and cost-effective fun is like no other adventure tourer on the scene today.

The 2022 V-Strom 650 rocks Suzuki’s beautiful Pearl Brilliant White paint complemented with black accents giving this model runway looks. The beak-style fairing, with vertically stacked headlights, augments the V-Strom 650’s aerodynamic prowess while protecting the rider in style. Light and strong 10-spoke cast wheels shod with Adventure-spec Bridgestone Battlax 19-inch front and 17-inch rear tubeless radial tires are great for all-around performance.

Be smart and go find your next adventure on the V-Strom 650 and you’ll be amazed at where you can go on this incredibly versatile V-twin powered Suzuki.

2022 V-Strom 650
MSRP $8,904
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DR650S – The 2022 Suzuki DR650S continues its legacy as the best all-around, dual-purpose motorcycle available today. Always an outstanding performance value, every DR650S is quality engineered and built by Suzuki and features a reliable, proven 644cc, oil-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine carried in a strong steel, semi-double cradle frame.

The DR650S’s telescopic fork and link-style rear suspension tackle tough trails or sketchy urban roads easily and consistently. So that a variety of riders may enjoy this motorcycle, the seat height can be significantly reduced (by your service department using an optional kit from Suzuki Genuine Accessories that includes a shorter side stand). Strong aluminum, spoke-style rims carrying tires that instill confidence on the street or dirt are fitted so riders can tackle any pavement or trail conditions with ease.

With Solid Black bodywork featuring attractive red and silver graphics, the DR650S looks great while performing on a ride or parked at your favorite watering hole. Whatever riding adventure your customers plan to undertake, the 2022 Suzuki DR650S is a willing partner that performs with rock-solid engineering.

2022 DR650S
MSRP $6,849
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DR-Z400S – The 2022 DR-Z400S is the latest version of the motorcycle that’s the foundation of the modern DualSport movement. Starting with the DR350S and then again with the DR-Z400S, Suzuki made fun, reliable, and capable motorcycles available to anyone who’s ready to take a ride down their favorite off-road trail or ribbon of asphalt.

Riders will be impressed with the amount of torque coming from the 398cc, liquid-cooled powerplant, as well as the crisp handling from the adjustable suspension. This ultra-reliable bike is completely street legal, with an electric start and easy-to-read instrument cluster. The black and gray bodywork with contrasting black, silver and yellow graphics make the bike stand out on the road, on the trail, or even when parked.

Whether you’re on the highway or on a twisty forest path, the Suzuki DR-Z400S can’t be beat.

2022 DR-Z400S
MSRP $6,999
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DR-Z50 – The 2022 Suzuki DR-Z50 is the ideal bike to introduce young, beginning riders to the sport of motorcycling. This compact, Suzuki-built mini-bike brings ease, confidence, and convenience to riders just getting started on two wheels.

With an automatic clutch, three-speed transmission, electric starting, and a low 22-inch seat height, this race-styled bike will help build confidence and riding ability for young, learning riders while being supervised.

The 49cc engine delivers a smooth, controllable power band, and adult supervisors may adjust its power level so young riders may learn at a proper and comfortable pace.

The 2022 DR-Z50 is EPA emissions compliant and qualifies for California Green Sticker Off-Road Registration. Moreover, this motorcycle will be in the family for years, thanks to its rugged construction and sturdy 10-inch wheels. The peppy DR-Z50 combines a reliable engine with quality running gear that’s built to last. The DR-Z50 is the best way for your customers to get their whole family involved in motorcycling!

2022 DR-Z50
MSRP $2,209
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