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Sustainable Electric Transportation on Aotea with Motubikes

Aotea, also known as New Zealand’s Great Barrier Island, is a Southern Pacific adventurer’s paradise. If you’re planning a visit, you’ll quickly learn that Aotea is a destination of diverse environments, with remote beaches, windswept sand dunes, rugged hill country, old-growth forests, and wetlands.


When exploring a pristine environment like this, it feels most appropriate to minimize your environmental footprint, and that’s the idea behind local electric motorbike rental company Motubikes, who maintains and rents a fleet of UBCO 2x2s: electric motorbikes with two-wheel drive, seventy-five-mile range, and a 30mph top speed. Gliding silently around the island’s trails and winding roads on an electric motorbike is a low impact way to explore at your own pace. And because the 2×2 is designed for utility, there’s room to bring gear like surfboards along for the ride too.


Aotea’s pristine environment is one of its biggest assets, and Motubikes founder, Seagar Clarkson, understands this. He charges his fleet of 9 UBCO bikes entirely with solar power, providing a low-impact and environmentally friendly transportation option for visitors. Further reducing the footprint his business has on the island, Seagar operates his electric motorbike rental service out of a repurposed shipping container with no need for a permanent foundation to impact the surrounding landscape.



Want to learn more? Visit the Motubikes website here.

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