Support the BDRs and Win a KTM 1090

A lot of us are probably familiar with the Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR) by now and know that these amazing trails run border to border across some of our country’s most beautiful states. What you may not know, is that the entire BDR business is a non-profit organization, and right now they need our help. To keep producing their wonderful maps and adding more states to their list of routes, they need donations to go toward the cause. But don’t think that they expect us to fork over some cash without something in return. Each donation receives a chance to win this special edition KTM 1090 Adventure R or $12,000 USD, and the larger the donation, the more chances you get to win. So let’s take a look at the bike.

The KTM 1090 Adventure R packs a liquid-cooled v-twin motor with 125 horsepower, a WP suspension with a PDS rear-shock, and modern traction control modes and ABS that help you handle the bike with ease in any conditions. Of course, this isn’t just an ordinary 1090. The BDR special edition has a few extras that you won’t find on the standard model.

· 2018 KTM 1090 Adventure R motorcycle (KTM)

· Custom graphics (RideBDR)

· Zega Pro pannier System, silver 38/31 liter (Touratech)

· Rally-style tinted windscreen (Touratech)

· Handguards (Touratech)

· Rallye Form skid plate (Touratech)

· Upper crash bars (Touratech)

· 31-liter dry bag in KTM orange (Touratech Waterproof)

· Off-road tank bag (Touratech)

· Crash bar bags (Trailmaster ADV Gear)

· Pannier rack bag (Trailmaster ADV Gear)

· Changing mat (Trailmaster ADV Gear)

· Set of all nine BDR maps (Butler Maps)

“On our recent project filming the California BDR South, I rode a KTM 1090 Adventure R set up just like this one. I feel it’s a fantastic motorcycle for off-road adventures like a BDR. I had so much fun on my KTM 1090—whoever wins this one is going to have a blast.”

– Paul Guillien, president and co-founder, Backcountry Discovery Routes

Now, any sensible person will want to know where their money will be going, so the BDR team has given us the scoop. Because the bike and components were all donated, 100 percent of the proceeds will be utilized to “develop new routes, provide planning resources and GPS tracks for the community, work to preserve riding access to public lands, and to promote safety for adventure motorcycling.” So even if you don’t win, you’ve still helped to keep the trails we love open, and furthered the goal of opening new BDRs in more states.

But enough of my jabbering. If you are ready to purchase a chance to win, check out the contest website here. Ticket prices start at $25 for a single entry and go up to 500 entries for $1,000. A winner will be announced Friday, February 21, at 12 noon (PST). If you’re looking for more information on BDR and available routes, check out their website here.

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