Supertop and Trektop Ultra : Soft Tops for Wrangler JK & JL by Bestop

Whether you prefer the square-back or fast-back look on your Jeep, Bestop has you covered with their new Supertop and Trektop Ultra soft tops.



Supertop Ultra for Wrangler JK and JL

Let’s start with the Supertop Ultra soft top, which maintains the traditional square-back appearance and fits all Wrangler JK and JL models from 2007 to present. Bestop says that the Supertop Ultra is easily operated by one person thanks to its patented “guide-track system” which utilizes “flow-back technology.” From the videos I watched, it appears that gas struts are partially responsible for the easy retraction. Country artist Michael Ray, who is a big Bestop fan said, “This is by far my favorite design by Bestop. I can fold the top back by myself in a matter of seconds, and no matter how I style it, the top is a head-turner.”



Utilizing Bestop’s premium twill fabric, the Supertop Ultra ditches the zippers typically found on Wrangler soft tops in favor of robust plastic channels that interlock making window removal and installation much easier.


See what Jason Lewis of AutoEdits (YouTube channel) has to say about the Supertop Ultra.



Trektop Ultra for Wrangler JL

The Trektop Ultra (for Wrangler JL) follows in the footsteps of the Supertop, with the same premium twill fabric and easy, one-person operation. But instead of the traditional square design of the Supertop, the Trektop features a fast-back silhouette. Stacey David, the host of Gearz, had this to say: “The main challenge of owning a Jeep is finding the time to enjoy everything it has to offer. Bestop solves this problem with the new Trektop Ultra, making the sleekest top on the market that is also incredibly fast to use.”



Check out what it takes to install the Trektop Ultra with Brittany Williams of Litebrite (YouTube channel).



You can learn more about the Supertop and Trektop Ultra Jeep soft tops on the Bestop website.


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