Story Telling with Video Courses Now Open

Half the thrill of having an adventure is telling people about it afterwards, right?


The trouble is, you probably have as many miles of GoPro or camcorder footage as distance covered. How do you turn that mass of disjointed shots into the kind of movie Discovery Channel would air? Or at least one that has your friends begging for more.


Simple, you let someone with thirty-five years in broadcast television and adventure travel help you.


Andrew St.Pierre White, professional filmmaker, adventurer, teacher, and author, is offering privileged insight into his storytelling and filmmaking techniques – the same techniques that have won him international awards and got his TV shows coveted airtime on channels like Discovery and Sky.


Andrew is teaching a series of exclusive online training courses covering everything from capturing video and audio right through to the final edit of your story.


His courses include:


· A fully interactive online 6-week shooting course complete with invaluable reviews of your video and audio course assignments by Andrew and the other participants.

· A fully interactive 5-week editing course. Next one starts November 5th.

· A non-interactive shooting course, purchase now and do the learning at your own pace.

· The non-interactive editing course and an iPad app are under development.


By doing his courses, you will start out as a still photographer or videographer and end up as a storyteller.


As a member of the Overland Journal and Expedition Portal community, you will receive a 10% discount on the quoted price for the courses. For more details please view Andrew’s website:


Andrew promises that you will learn more, faster, with him than on any other online course available today. That’s his claim. And to prove it, he’s offering a money back guarantee on all his courses.


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Hear what his students has to say . . .


“In just one class with Andrew, I learned more about making a great video than I had in all my other classes combined. Andrew’s practical focus comes from 30 plus years of being a doer, not just a teacher. And make no mistake, Andrew is a GREAT, humble and respectful teacher. Andrew’s class opened my eyes (and ears!) to how to tell compelling stories through video, and made me a much better consumer of the art as well. Thanks, Andrew!”

Robert Towry

Monument, CO


“A still photographer at heart, I wanted to make the leap into video making. With Andrew’s class I have learned so much and was so motivated that I want to become the next Spielberg! The course was informative and fun, from theory to fascinating clips that kept us all wanting more! There are many teachers who teach, but Andrew inspires and knows how to tell a story! “

Connie Blaeser

Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada


Discounts for Overland Journal members.

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