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State Change :: A Sinuhe Xavier Photo Exhibition in Mexico City at LOOT MX

Sinuhe Xavier | LOOT MX

State Change


Publisher’s Note:
We are excited to announce this gallery event in Mexico City, featuring Sinuhe Xavier. Sinuhe has been an essential member of our team, and has also been a luminary of creative visual storytelling for travel, vehicles, and overlanding. Sinuhe’s earliest photographs of Land Rovers in Utah set the standard of imagery for Overland Journal’s launch in 2007, and has inspired countless travelers to better tell their stories, and preserve those places for future generations.

For the Fall 2021 issue of Overland Journal, we were fortunate to feature Sinuhe’s State Change imagery, showcasing six pages of his stunning aerial photography in the center of the volume. I hope many of you are able to make Sinuhe’s showing on the 9th of September in Mexico City. RSVP to LOOT, Mexico City at their email: cdmx@loot.mx

Scott Brady, Publisher

Artist’s Statement

The natural landscape has been an integral part of Sinuhe Xavier’s work throughout two decades in both film and photography. After spending time on location with Utah scientists, Sinuhe began to question the imprint humans have on this earth. In an evolution of thought—if humans are of this earth, then are man-made structures not also natural? Asking the question; what is the difference between the golden ratio in a cochlea shell and SF Moma in their contribution to the earth? During the pandemic and limited to domestic movement, Sinuhe did a lot of solitary travel across landscapes vibrant, graphic, and bold. Capturing these frames from 60 meters above ground provides a new perspective into how humans shape the land creating novel ecological states, a process of state change.

Artist Bio

If you are looking for Sinuhe Xavier, you may as well spin a globe and put your finger on it. Chances are, you’ll come as close as anyone’s guess. Sinuhe (pronounced sin-way) has taken photographs and made commercials all over the world, and his long-range escapades from South America to Africa are the makings of future legendary tales. His unique perspective on a landscape informs his lensing choices, and you know when you are viewing one of his distinct image sets. @sinuhexavier