Sportsmobile 4×4 Sprinter

4x4 Sportsmobile Sprinter

As is usual with Sportsmobile West, they wanted to produce the highest quality, most capable Mercedes Sprinter camper ever manufactured. And as is also typical with SMB, they have done it. For exploring established routes around the world (where goods and services are typically delivered and there is bus traffic), a traveler can get by without low range and lots of ground clearance. You need all-weather performance and some increased traction should the rainy season come a month early. The Sprinter is already proven in this regard, and is in use throughout the developing world.

This is Sportsmobile’s interpretation of the ultimate expedition Sprinter

The sprinter works well with the bed down low, giving instant access and no set-up for sleeping.

The bed

Full-size galley.

Front and rear recovery points- well done

Recovery points

This truck is one of one in the US with a factory 4wd system. Some of the other conversions I have seen are sketchy at best. There is no low-range, but the configuration makes sense given the limited ground clearance and smaller tires

4wd system

Those doors are big- really big

Rear doors

A fresh set of Goodyear MTRs

Goodyear MTR Sprinter

The front brush bar provides limited impact protection and a mounting point for Aux. lighting.

Alan driving the Sprinter near their facility in Fresno. I had a turn at the wheel and was surprised by the ease of use. Overall driveability is certainly best of class with low driver fatigue and good steering precision and feel. Suspension does and admirable job of limiting body roll while still remaining compliant enough for comfort. This machine eats up the miles and the smaller 2.7L is happy in all but the big hills.

This truck also happens to be available for sale – it is one of a kind! And at $98,000, it actually seems like quite a bargain.


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3631 S Bagley Ave

Fresno CA 93725

Phone 559.233.8267

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