SEMA 2004

SEMA was great, with major increases in exhibitors in the truck, SUV and off-road area. There were fewer “new ideas” than in years past, but more practical application of existing concepts.

Day 1

Donahoe Racing 2005 Tacoma Double Cab: This truck was very nice in person and most of the changes to the truck do appear to be improvements. The Donahoe and Demello parts are of great quality, and should provide performance consistent with the Gen 1 trucks.
SEMA 2004 Donahoe Truck
Very nicely done, with a 2.5″ rear shock.
SEMA 2004 Donahoe Truck Coil-Overs
The new Donahoe Coil-Overs for the ’05 Tacoma.
Engle: Engle has released a very nice slide system for their most common fridges, with the tray sliding on fully sealed roller bearings for long life.
SEMA 2004 Engle
SEMA 2004 Engle 9 Day Cooler
9 day cooler!
ARB: ARB is releasing a series of rear bumpers for the Jeep Wrangler and Toyota Land Cruiser 80 and 100 series SUVs. These bumpers are very promising and feature a gas shock to aid opening the swing-out and keeping it open. All of the fit and finish is of top quality and consistent with their front bumpers. The bottom of the bumper is clearanced to improve departure angles, and the bumper wraps around the corners slightly for increased protection.
SEMA 2004 ARB Bumper Jeep Wrangler
SEMA 2004 ARB Bumper Jeep Wrangler
Bestop’s new truck tops were of particular interest and are very well made, and can be slid to the cab, or remove windows for access. Hopefully they will be making them for the 01-04 D-cabs!
SEMA 2004 Bestop Truck Cover
SEMA 2004 Bestop Truck Cover Interior
The Turtle Expedition was also in attendance with their awesome Ford Super-Duty. I had the chance to swap stories (and a few route details) for some time with these very accomplished explorers.
SEMA 2004 Turtle Expedition Vehicle
SEMA 2004 Turtle Expedition Vehicle
Here are a few other items of interest:
SEMA 2004 LR3 G4 Challenge Vehicle
The new LR3, G4 Challenge Vehicle
SEMA 2004 Tuffy Truck
Tuffy Truck bed storage boxes with slide-outs (very nice!)
SEMA 2004 Toyota Tacoma Orange
SEMA 2004 Track

Day 2

SEMA 2004 Lowrance GPS Baja
Lowrance’s new fully potted GPS unit called the “Baja.” I am very impressed with this great concept. A large display and available 1:100K digital topos!
Day two included a few expedition/adventure travel vendors from the international section and some more detail and follow-up from the off-road and SUV section of the show. I have showcased a few major highlights below.
Donahoe Racing 2005 Tacoma Double Cab: Here are a few more pictures of this great truck!
SEMA 2004 Donahoe Tacoma Double Cab Blue
SEMA 2004 Donahoe Tacoma Double Cab Blue
SEMA 2004 Donahoe Tacoma Double Cab Blue
Slee: Cristo was a great guy, and very knowledgeable. He is starting to import more expedition specific components, and of course his new 100 bumper was pretty nice too.
SEMA 2004 Slee Outback Smart Top
SEMA 2004 Slee
SEMA 2004 Slee
SEMA 2004 Slee
And one of the coolest trucks at the show! (IMO of course). The 2005 Tacoma Double Cab Mayan Expedition Vehicle, “The Maya Hunter” from Vanderbilt University. 33×10.5 swampers, ARB front locker, ARB bumper, several racks and load surfaces. The suspension was a 3″ Skyjacker spring pack with a set of Skyking coil-overs for the front.
SEMA 2004 Maya Hunter Tacoma
SEMA 2004 Maya Hunter Tacoma
SEMA 2004 Maya Hunter Tacoma
SEMA 2004 Maya Hunter Tacoma

Donahoe Racing was showcasing their new coil-overs for the ’05 Tacomas. Very nice and running 650 lb. coils.
SEMA 2004 Donahoe Racing Coil-Overs

SEMA 2004 Donahoe Racing Coil-Overs
A few more pictures
SEMA 2004 Fridge Freezer
This fridge/freezer is incredible! This fantastic product is available from Engle.
SEMA 2004 Extreme Outback Products Compressor
This is an excellent compressor available from Extreme Outback Products. The compressor outputs 1.2 CFM at 150 PS! They had several other expedition ready products available.

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