Secure Anything with Mac’s VersaTie System

L-track, or logistic track, is a tie-down system designed for securing airplane seats and cargo. But L-track is also right at home in RVs, overlanding rigs, campervans, and trucks where it has been used for everything from mounting modular cabinetry to tying down motorcycles. If you are unfamiliar with L-track, it’s a machined aluminum or steel channel which accepts a ¼-inch or M6 bolt. But thanks to its incremental notches, many versatile mounting and tie-down accessories have been developed over the years for use with this system.

Mac’s Custom Tie-Downs utilizes L-track for its VersaTie system. VersaTie track and accessories were specifically designed for vehicle-centric applications, and they are widely used across a variety of industries for everything from securing show vehicles to trailers to mounting modular campervan systems and securing cargo in truck beds. Mac’s VersaTie track is easy to cut and customize for a wide range of applications making it an extremely versatile and valuable system for various overlanding applications like mounting vehicle accessories.

VersaTie Track and Accessories

Mac’s VersaTie track is offered in four different variations: a surface-mount square edge, a surface-mount contoured edge, a recessed-mount square edge, and a recessed-mount flanged version. All four variations of the track can be purchased in 1-, 2-, 4-, 6-, or 8-foot lengths, have a 3,000-pound vertical pull-breaking strength and are made in the USA. With attachment points at 1-inch intervals along the length of the VersaTie track, finetuning your cargo mounting position doesn’t get much easier.



When it comes to securing cargo, Mac’s offers a range of connectors that work with their VersaTie track. For the heaviest loads, double-stud fittings with three different end connection point options (ring, pear, or idler) all boast a 5,000-pound vertical pull-breaking strength rating and are manufactured from high-strength stainless steel. For lighter-duty tasks, single-stud, spring-loaded tie-down rings are offered in aluminum alloy. These single-stud tie-down rings can be operated with one hand and will rotate 360 degrees. Threaded studs and quick-release hooks round out the selection of mounting accessories and offer additional versatility for mounting things like modular shelving systems or hanging gear from walls.



Check out Mac’s VersaTie track system and accessories here.


Matt is a paragliding pilot and adventure seeker living full-time in a 25-foot Airstream travel trailer pulled by a Ram 2500. His love of the outdoors has driven him to explore remote destinations across North and South America in search of the most aesthetic peaks and beautiful flying sites. IG: @m.b.swartz