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Rugged Ridge Releases New Roof Rack for Two-Door JK

It seems that all too often modifications show up that create more problems than they solve. They block factory features, require you to drill or cut into your vehicle, and sometimes just don’t interface with any other accessories. It’s refreshing then to see products that not only solve your problem, but make using your vehicle easier and more enjoyable. It would appear that Rugged Ridge has done just that with their new roof rack.

Rugged Ridge Exo-Top for 2-Door JK - Rear Roof Closed - Rear 3Q (1)

Like their existing rack available for the JK unlimited, the new two door version was designed with simplicity in mind. For starters it supports 300 lbs and integrates with most standard roof rack accessories for bikes, kayaks, or roof boxes. This is a big plus right off the bat, and one that will save you from the frustration of purchasing new mounts. All components are bolt or screw together and only require basic hand tools for assembly. They even created a detailed instruction video to make installation easier. We appreciate it, the cryptic IKEA instructions with most 4WD parts really cost us a lot of beer. Best part of their rack though? It doesn’t require any drilling or cutting of the vehicle, just bolt it to the existing points on the body.

Rugged Ridge Exo-Top for 2-Door JK - Front 3Q

Included in the price is a new soft top, which utilizes the factory components included with your Jeep. We know, why replace the top at all? One word, function. After seeing the video of it in use, we’re feeling the love for its versatility. Instead of removing gear from your rack and messing around with flip over bars, Rugged Ridge chose to use a slide and velcro setup. This can be configured in several ways to fit the needs of different situations.

The first configuration is the sun slider, think sunroof for soft-top. Unbuckle the two front latches and slide it right back from inside the Jeep; done. It’s a quick and easy way to grab some rays on the way home from work or cover up when the rain begins.


sun slidersavannah


The second, and my personal favorite, is the savannah top, which gives you full roof coverage with no side canvas of any kind. Think safari defender look, without the oil stains. There is also fully enclosed, fully down, and various combinations in between.

Overall we’re impressed with this latest addition to the Rugged Ridge line. It strikes a balance between simplicity, functionality, and good looks that is becoming ever harder to find these days. Well done guys, well done.


To find out more information on this new release, check out the Rugged Ridge website here.

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