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Rugged Coffee Press for the Trail: Planetary Designs OVRLNDR

With over three years of R&D and field-testing, we’ve got high hopes for the OVRLNDR press, the newest French press from Montana-based coffee innovator Planetary Designs. But in a world of coffee-making kits, of which there are many high-quality options already available, what makes the OVRLNDR special? CEO of Planetary Design, Jess Nepstad, had this to say:


“We’ve been developing a French press with a removable base for several years, and we’re happy to see our hard work and ingenuity culminate with the introduction of the BruTrek OVRLNDR Press this summer. It truly is a ‘no-mess’ French press.”


The OVRLNDR is chock full of features, drawing on Planetary Designs 15 years of coffee innovation. It promises to prevent over-brewing of your coffee thanks to its Bru-Stop plunger, and the removable base makes cleaning up easy. Here’s a glance at the OVRLNDR’s full set of features:

  • 28-fluid-ounce capacity
  • Rugged construction that can hold up to life on the road
  • Double-wall vacuum insulation
  • Lockable, spill-proof lid
  • Planetary’s Bru-Stop plunger and plate assembly (which they claim halts the brewing process once it’s been depressed, preventing bitter, over-extracted coffee)
  • Available in brushed steel, Mountain Lake, Obsidian, and Red Rock colors (with textured finish)


“Consumers today are more educated about coffee and brewing methods, and they expect innovation and higher quality—even when traveling America’s highways, byways, and backroads or recreating in the outdoors. We’re poised to make a big change in the design of French presses.”


The OVRLNDR retails for $50 and will be available for purchase mid-July of 2020.


Check out the Planetary Designs BruTech OVLNDR coffee press on their website.

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Matthew Swartz is originally from Connecticut and currently lives in Denver, Colorado where he passionately pursues rock climbing, trail running, and skiing. Matt’s love of travel has inspired him to through-hike the JMT and part of the PCT, bike across the United States, and explore the West coast of South America from Ecuador to Patagonia. Matt and his partner Amanda have also travelled across much of the Western US in their 1964 Clark Cortez RV, which they lived in, on the road for the better part of three years. Matt has worked for the USFS as an Interpretive Ranger and Wildland Firefighter and Matt's photography and writing has been published in Rova Magazine, the Leatherman blog, 'Hit The Road' by Gestalten Publishing, and Forbes.