Roam Resilient Expedition Vehicles Unveils The Baja Edition Travel Trailer

Roam Resilient Expedition Vehicles (RREV) has unveiled its latest innovation, the Baja Edition, after more than a year of design, engineering, and development in California. Named after the beloved but challenging Baja California peninsula, the Baja Edition is built to handle the harshest environments. The manufacturers insist that this trailer is engineered for peak performance and reliability, regardless of the conditions, with high-quality materials and precise craftsmanship at its core.

The Baja Edition’s heavy-duty suspension system is built to handle challenging terrains, ensuring durability and performance. While toughness is a key aspect, the Baja Edition also prioritizes convenience and comfort, the trailer features a spacious cabin and ample storage.

Constructed on a steel hot-dip galvanized chassis, the Baja Edition should endure most terrains, including those with salt and magnesium, in snowy areas. The structure is made from an aluminum-skinned sandwich panel fused using a heat press for improved insulation properties. The walls are 2-1/4 inches thick, and the floor is nearly 3 inches thick. The joints are crafted with aluminum extrusions and Mortise and Tenon joints, ensuring robust construction. Heavy-duty expedition aircraft-grade aluminum safari hatches with dual-pane glass windows provide an open-air experience, while the double-locking doors with Trimark lock and key ensure weatherproofing and thermal efficiency. On paper, this trailer should last a millenium. The trailer’s panels are both sturdy and relatively lightweight, resulting in a dry weight of 5,952 pounds, a tongue weight of 595 pounds (adjustable with air suspension), a GVWR of 8,200 pounds, and an axle capacity of 13,000 pounds.

The Independent Swing Arm (ISA) suspension system, designed and engineered in-house, combines heavy-duty air springs and shocks to absorb shocks and vibrations to ensure a smooth and stable ride. This system reduces secondary vibration transfer to the cabin, and the air suspension incorporates Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, allowing independent control of all four wheels for leveling, simultaneous adjustment of all air springs, and independent control of front and rear wheels for tire changes or single axle operation. It also offers programmable pressure presets for freeway, off-road, and hitching/unhitching, with optional load sharing and terrain-based full-time auto leveling.

One of the standout features of the Baja Edition is its ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Its robust construction and advanced insulation technology combine to ensure comfort and functionality in harsh climates. The proprietary 24-volt electrical system manages all electrical and electronic aspects of the vehicle, from battery management to light control and environmental sensors. The control panel can be equipped with a SIM card or connected to WiFi for over-the-air (OTA) updates, error monitoring, and remote support. The 24-volt system, chosen for its reliability and safety, includes:

  • A 24-volt DC air conditioner;
  • DC fridge;
  • Truma Combi diesel heater;
  • A 3,000-watt inverter for the induction cooktop and optional full-size electric oven;
  • A 50A DC-DC charger converter to charge the 400 amp-hour 24-volt bank from a 12-volt tow vehicle alternator.

The roof supports 1400 watts of solar power, which can be upgraded to 1800 watts, enabling off-grid operation of AC, heating, and induction cooking.

The Baja Edition features an 81-gallon freshwater system supported by independent pumps, a standalone 10-gallon drinking water tank with an Acuva filtration system, and a rainwater collection system integrated into the front slope. The air conditioner drain pipe is also plumbed to collect water, filling the general water tank if needed. This comprehensive water system is designed for off-grid conditions, providing redundancy and reliability. Prices starting from $120,000.

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