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Renogy To Showcase State-Of-The-Art REGO System At Overland Expo West

Renogy, a globally recognized leader in off-grid and mobile energy solutions, recently announced the widespread availability of its innovative flagship smart solar system, REGO. In a press release today, Renogy highlighted the advanced capabilities of the REGO system, designed to deliver an unprecedented power experience and control for off-grid living.

Renogy’s latest technological innovation, REGO, is powered by the novel Renogy One Core monitoring and control system. With enhanced Bluetooth connectivity and unique features such as automated RV self-leveling, off-grid enthusiasts can look forward to an elevated power, comfort, and control experience, making off-grid living more feasible and enjoyable.

Renogy Rego Renogy Rego

Renogy has announced that the state-of-the-art REGO system will be showcased at the Overland Expo in Flagstaff, Arizona, from May 19 to 21, 2023. Live demonstrations will illustrate why REGO is the go-to choice for both the DIY builder and professional installers. Its capabilities and ease of installation make it the leading smart solar energy system for off-grid use.

Renogy Rego Renogy Rego

Expo attendees will be privy to an exclusive showcase of Renogy’s custom Mercedes Sprinter van. The van, intricately designed to highlight the simplicity of installing and operating a REGO system, embodies Renogy’s commitment to off-grid travel accessibility.

Yi Li, CEO of Renogy CEO stated,

“Our mission is to make off-grid travel accessible to all. REGO solar energy systems are designed for simplicity. They eliminate the complexities of power generation, making it possible for even first-timers to set up their own reliable power source.”

The REGO system’s features include a powerful LiFeP04 battery with a 400 amp-hour capacity and more than 3800 cycle life, a simple and tool-free installation process, and a smart monitoring and control system that utilizes the Renogy DC Home smartphone app.

Renogy Rego Renogy Rego
Renogy Rego Renogy Rego

Professional adventure vehicle builder Dan Grec of The Road Chose Me endorsed REGO as his preferred solar energy system. He praised its simple installation process and the confidence it provides in extreme overland adventures due to its power, safety, and reliability.

Initiated as a modest venture by students at Louisiana State University, Renogy has successfully metamorphosed into a thriving business, a growth journey made possible with the backing of the Louisiana Business and Technology Center.

Components for the REGO system are now available for purchase. For more information, please visit renogy.com/rego/.

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