Overland Expo 2013: Jumbolanders

GXV Pangea-LT

We continue to feel left out here in the ‘States when it comes to the larger overlanding vehicles, rarely if ever spotting manufacturers like Action Mobil, and even Unicat has gone missing this year. All is not lost in the big 4×4 camper realm, however, as a few of the new models on display at Overland Expo 2013 show great potential.

Tiger Adventure Vehicles

Tiger Siberian
Tiger Siberian Living SpaceTiger Siberian BedTiger Siberian Bath

Many of you will remember the Tiger line of pickup chassis based 4×4 campers from a few years past. Now under new ownership, Tiger is back with two sleek new models. The larger of the two, the Siberian, rivals an EarthRoamer in luxury and capability.

Tiger Malayan

Tiger’s smaller offering, the Malayan, is the sort of platform I’ve long dreamed of having. It’s built on a short wheelbase F-series chassis and offers us most the luxuries of it’s big brother, but in a package small enough to tackle moderately difficult backroads with ease (and park in a normal parking space). More information on the new Tiger Adventure Vehicles can be found on their website.

Global Expedition Vehicles

GXV Pangea-LT
GXV Pangea-LT Living SpaceGXV Pangea-LT WetbathGXV Pangea-LT Hatch

The Mitsubishi Fuso platform is one of the few truly global large 4x4s, and Global Expedition Vehicle’s Pangea-LT does a fine job of outfitting it (also available for heavy duty Ford and Dodge chassis). With a hard-sided pop-up design it maintains all the comfort of a full hard sided camper, while allowing enhanced clearance and fuel economy traveling down the road. It also features a sweet skylight/hatch for roof access from the inside. For more information on the Pangea-LT and Global Expedition Vehicles other models visit globalxvehicles.com.


EarthRoamer XV-LT BedEarthRoamer XV-LT KitchenEarthRoamer XV-LT Wetbath

I really wish EarthRoamer’s new XV-HD had been on hand at OX13 for us to examine. I’ve been wanting to see what they could do with such a large platform ever since the new model was announced, but unfortunately we were all left wanting. The smaller less large XV-LT did make an appearance again, and continues to offer a fine choice for travelers looking for full-time comfort in a solid North American platform. Visit earthroamer.com for more information on the EarthRoamer line-up.

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