Overlanding Goes Electric!

There is no question that electric vehicles are here to stay, and despite our love for hydrocarbons the popularity of EVs is exploding, and more quickly than most imagined. Car companies that are slow to respond are already suffering, as demonstrated by the recent ousting of BMW’s CEO. It is also easy to dismiss electric 4WDs for overland travel, but even those limitations have been, or will be overcome (excluding extreme remote distances and polar travel), and the reality is that most vehicle-based travel still allows for charging within existing infrastructures. What is also encouraging is the general excitement from the manufacturers about overlanding, with Rivian attending the Overland Expo and positioning their vehicle in the overland area at the Outdoor Retailer Show. Bollinger has recognized our segment since the beginning, and their latest renderings reinforce that with the Bollinger Overland Concept shown here. Curiously, Tesla is absent in this segment with anything exciting, their Model X lacking any functional attributes for backcountry travel.

The Bollinger Overland Concept

There are a few key features of the Bollinger concepts worth noting, including the attention towards trail protection with metal front and rear bumpers, and full-length rocker panel sliders. The tire diameter has also increased over earlier prototypes to a 35 inch tire (with a taller sidewall allowed by a 17 inch wheel). The SUV concept includes two spare tires, a removable hardtop, a full-length roof rack, rear winch, HD recovery points, and what can only be assumed to be yellow water cans (grin). The sliding rear windows is a nice touch.

The specifications also speak to a real opportunity for hauling necessary equipment with a 5,000 pound payload, which is more that the combined payload of FOUR Toyota Tacomas. Storage is massive at 113 cubic feet, plus an additional 14 cubic feet under the bonnet. On the trail, there is 668 ft-lb of torque available immediately as the tires start to rotate, and 15 inches of ground clearance. That ground clearance can be increased to 20 inches with the available air suspension. This vehicle is clearly designed by enthusiasts. Bollingermotors.com


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