Overland Trailers spotted at SEMA

Overlanding can be quite daunting, especially when you are pulling a trailer, unsure if it will make it over rough terrain. Perhaps the greatest advantage of traveling with a trailer is that you can leave your camp set up while you explore the more hard-core trails or head out for day trips without packing up. Traveling with a trailer gives you the freedom to go to the far-out-of-reach places while still enjoying the luxuries that only an off-road trailer can give you—a home away from home, albeit a tad smaller. I chose not to travel with a trailer as I converted my Defender into a camper, but some of the offerings at SEMA led me to consider the possibilities.

Goat Overland Trailer

The Goat Overland Trailer is manufactured on a steel plate base with 14-gauge heavy-duty steel with alloy wheels, LT245/75R 16 off-road tires, and weighs 850 pounds. The off-pavement capability is supported by independent torsion axles for high clearance. The interior of the trailer can hold a fridge on its pre-installed slider and other kitchen gear in its 38 x 63 x 27 (inches) storage space. For taller folk, an awning riser is available, which allows you to dictate the height of the rooftop tent, therefore removing the annoyance of knocking your head each time you access the fridge for a cold one. Its 8,000-pound corner jacks level the trailer when sleeping on the rooftop tent and ensure that the trailer remains stable. Additionally, there is ample space to store your camping chairs or equipment between the mounting rack and trailer.

I was surprised to see how much gear and equipment could be packed into this nifty trailer and that it can be customised to your needs makes it a top contender. Proudly manufactured in the United States of America by VorpEnergy.



Black Series HQ12

The Australian-built Black Series campers have been in production for many years now, and the company has the ability to keep impressing with trailers built for trails but with comfort in mind. The HQ12 off-road trailer is equipped with an outdoor kitchen and wet bath, giving you the option to cook under the stars or make use of the high-end modern facilities indoors. This camper boasts a microwave, water heater along with air-conditioning, and even has an indoor toilet. The trailer also boasts the usual off-grid accessories such as solar panels, independent suspension, water and graywater tanks, and much more. If you’re looking at convincing your partner or children to start venturing outdoors more frequently, this camper will make the idea of camping a lot more enticing.


Lance Camper

The Enduro prototype trailer is a new addition to the Lance Camper range and has the capability to travel across most off-road routes or while being towed by a small-sized SUV. The Enduro is large and robust, with a wedge-shaped posterior. It almost seems as if it was cut short on its hind legs, but this camper trailer weighs only 2,700 pounds, half of that of the Black Series HQ12. The interior has a dinette that sleeps two, and a bunk bed drops down to sleep an additional two people. The 2-person rooftop tent provides another option, making a grand total of six sleeper spaces. There is a fully kitted kitchen on the exterior along with solar, a lithium system, and for those extended off-grid stays, a water purification system. It might be a tight squeeze for six people sitting around the dinette, but if you’re interested in using your daily SUV, then this might be a good option.


Egoé Nest

If the exorbitant costs of owning an overland rig or vehicle with a camper or an off-road trailer are out of the question, as you don’t see the value in replacing your small or midsize SUV, then the Nestbox is the answer to your problem.

The Nestbox is a camper conversion kit that is sleek, modern, and a delight to look at. Carefully constructed with HPL faced birch plywood mounted onto steel-welded frames with careful thought to detail as well as user ergonomics, it makes for an attractive and affordable unit. You can purchase complete modules with the starter kit such as the Tramp, consisting of a sleeping area, stove, and water and cooler storage area, or you can purchase the kitchen and/or water module separately—such as the kitchen module with two cookers, a countertop area, a drawer system for your kitchen utensils and equipment along with a storage area. It allows you, the buyer, the freedom and flexibility to adapt the layout to your particular style of travel or camping that you’re in search for.

I love the simplicity of this design and ease of mounting. The complete unit can be installed within 10 minutes and uses the anchoring points in the back of your van/SUV to secure with a strap and hook system by means of a ratchet strap. Once secure, the kitchen and water module is slotted in, and the bed mattress is installed—voila. The complete unit can then be removed and stored away neatly for your next overland adventure.

Separate modules, $1,700+

Complete conversion set, $2,500+


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Luisa Bell has always had a passion for travel, but she never imagined that she would travel the world, with her family, in a self-built Land Rover Defender camper. As the navigator, administrator, and penetrator of bureaucracy, she has led her family to over 65 countries on five continents. Luisa is the wife of Graeme, and their quarter-century together feels like a full century in overlander years. Her two kids and her dog are her pride and joy, and if she could travel with them indefinitely, she would. With a background in immigration law, she has the ability to make the impossible possible and has no plan of settling down or retiring her full-time traveler status. Follow her adventures at www.a2aexpedition.com