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Voormi Men’s Base Layer Bottoms

If you appreciate the qualities of merino wool – antimicrobial, biodegradable, warm-when-wet – then Colorado/Montana-based outerwear manufacturer Voormi should be on your radar. I recently had the opportunity to test one of their base layers and I was amazed at how well the natural fibers managed body odor, even after five+ days of wear without washing.

Their full-length merino wool bottoms are constructed from a “dual surface” wool blend that provides an excellent balance of warmth, breathability, versatility, durability, and comfort. If you need a base layer for cold-weather endeavors like skiing, hiking, or winter travel, these are definitely worth checking out.

$119 | Voormi.com


Magpul Daka Volume Pouches

Magpul’s size large Daka volume pouch offers six liters of self-standing water-resistant storage for your small and medium-sized belongings. RF-welded water-resistant zippers and a reinforced textured polymer fabric make the Daka series of storage pouches lightweight and durable. When not in use, the Daka can be rolled up for storage, taking up a fraction of the space that it offers. A 550 paracord zipper pull with heat-shrink tubing and a carabiner loop rounds out this all-purpose bag.

$35 | Magpul.com


Voile Straps

Utilized by backcountry skiers, bikepackers, and other outdoors enthusiasts, Voile (pronounced vò-lay) straps are an incredibly versatile solution for lashing items to racks and can readily replace duct tape, bungee cords, or nylon straps for a wide range of uses. They are made from UV-resistant polyurethane with a hardened aluminum buckle and come in a variety of lengths and colors. I keep a couple in our rig at all times, and if you do the same, I guarantee that you will find uses for them.

$6+ | Voile.com



The Moonshade is an affordable, compact, and lightweight vehicle awning that can be easily connected to just about any vehicle. Similarly sized to a yoga mat and weighing just 8 pounds, this awning is easily stored inside your vehicle until you arrive at camp and set it up. Once deployed, the Moonshade provides a nine-foot-by-seven-foot retreat from the sun.

Primarily designed for sun protection, the Moonshade can be guyed out for extra stability, but because it is a bit lighter than others, it would be wise to stow it if storms are expected. Moon Fabrication offers a variety of adhesive, magnetic, suction, or track-based mounting options to suit your individual situation. *We will be testing the Moonshade and offering a more comprehensive review in 2022.

$325+ | Moonshade.com


Benchmade Cutlery Knife Roll

If you purchased one of Benchmade’s new cutlery sets that we featured in our $100+ 2021 holiday gift guide, here’s the perfect solution for storing your sharp new cutting implements while traveling. The cutlery knife roll is made from waxed canvas, features a built-in blade sheath, five sleeves for various knives, and a full-length zippered pocket.

$165 | Benchmade.com


Redarc Go Block

Because adding electrical infrastructure to your vehicle can be such a daunting project, we’re really glad to see so many options for all-in-one plug-and-play battery systems. We recently published an in-depth test and review of leading all-in-one systems in Overland Journal, but the Go Block from Redarc is new since the publishing of that article.

The Go Block is a 100 amp-hour all-in-one lithium-iron-phosphate dual-battery system in a rugged aluminum housing. It features an AC charger, 50-amp DC-to-DC charger, 50-amp MPPT solar regulator, integrated battery management system, battery monitoring (with Redvision), starter battery recovery capability, and charging outlets for 12-volt, Anderson, and USB. A 50-amp power dock will eventually be available to allow for a semi-hard-wired integration with your vehicle. *The Go Block is currently only available in Australia.

$2,945 (AUD) | Redarc.com.au


Pelican Civilian Woobie Blanket

Grab a Pelican Outdoors Civilian Woobie Blanket to help you stay warm on cool evenings in the backcountry. Its ripstop nylon outer shell material is stuffed with 600 fill-power duck down and it has an integrated storage pouch to make stowing it quick and easy. This packable blanket can be used as a comforter, to add some extra warmth to a sleeping bag, or it can be worn like a poncho utilizing the integrated snaps.

$180 | Pelicanoutdoor.com


Cascadia 4×4 VSS System (Vehicle-specific Hood-mounted Solar Panels)

If you want a little extra boost for your vehicle’s starter or secondary battery, these vehicle-specific flexible hood-mounted solar panels from Cascadia 4×4 will help you harness the power of the sun. These panels range in wattage from 30- to 135-watts and can be easily installed. Pair the VSS System with one of Cascadia’s optional smart MPPT charge controllers for a very simple plug-and-play experience that only requires 1.5 hours for installation.

$219+ | Cascadia4x4.com


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