Overland Classifieds :: Isuzu NPR Crew Cab Custom Camper

At one point or another, whether it’s relaxing on the beach in Tanzania or stuck at work behind a cubicle, most of us have dreamed of our perfect overland vehicle—the “money is no object” one. However, very few people have the opportunity to actually build it and follow every wish that their heart desires. But that’s what Barry did with this 2019 Isuzu NPR that we are presenting here today. The result is phenomenal, and we’re excited to showcase it.

Honestly, there is so much to this build that it’s hard to find where to start and where to end, and almost impossible to find any fault.

Let me discuss the powertrain first. While the Vortec 6.0 may not be the first choice that comes to mind when overlanding, it makes a lot of sense in this application. There are two problems with the newer NPR (and Fuso by extension): some model years with the diesel engine have highly regulated emissions which makes it a bit more problematic to use around the world, and the 4-cylinder version does not have a lot of power. This gas V-8 petrol engine addresses these two challenges. And if you are curious about how to access this engine with the additional bed over the cab, keep reading. The seller indicated that there are “sizable” access panels to perform most of the required maintenance and that the engine is designed to be removed even with the cab not tilted. And if absolutely required, the over-cab sleeper can be removed to tilt the cab.

So with that out of the way, let’s move on to the camper itself. Whoever did the design of this camper really managed to incorporate every overlander bucket list feature. Two fridges? Check. Large passthrough? Check. Bathroom in the entryway? Check. Scheel-Mann seats? Check. Extreme cold insulation? Check. Seating for four and two California king-size beds? Check. And storage for surfboards, bicycles, and/or an inflatable boat? Check, too!

The interior appears to have a nice layout with ample counter space and a large seating area. It does feel a little bit spartan as it sits, but that should be something extremely easy to remediate.

The storage compartment is a big factor in our opinion. With bicycle values now typically around $5,000 to $10,000, leaving two bikes hanging outside exposed to elements and potential theft is not a good option. It’s one of the reasons why we decided to buy a Ford Transit AWD ourselves instead of other alternatives out there. And being able to store—at the same time—your surfboards is the cherry on the cake.


The shower and toilet in the entry area are a clever use of space.

We have often seen sellers who claim to have built the best of the best, but in this case, we believe it’s worthy of that description.


All aluminum construction (no wood) with heavy insulation
$90,000 Kevlar air suspension, 4-wheel drive conversion, and complete custom suspension
4-link suspension
Gear-driven, 2-speed transfer case by Trail Worth Fab-Hero
4-wheel drive with Auburn e-lockers
Dynatrac heavy axles
Dual Magnaflow exhausts coupled to 304 stainless tubing
Space-age adhesives used in military vehicles and multiple layers of ceramic and other insulations
$8,000 camera security system
$7,000 ceramic and Silent Running insulation
$10,000 lights by Vision-X
Two safes mounted inside
400-amp Lithionics battery
148 gallons of fresh water in stainless tanks
19,000 BTU powerful propane heater
Sleeps six
Beautiful custom bumpers with two 16,500-pound winches, front and back
Dual transfer case shifters, front and back

Here is a good video that shows some details before the camper was built.

The seller is asking $450,000, and we have no doubt that the cost to build this vehicle was well into these figures. If you compare this to the ongoing price of an EarthRoamer or EarthCruiser, it’s actually a good value. While it may be hard to get financing for it, it is currently registered as an RV in Montana which should make registration and insurance somewhat easier.

You can see the full listing in our forum here.

We hope that it finds a great buyer who has a lot of friends and family to take this vehicle on some incredible adventures! And if you are this lucky buyer, please keep us updated on your overland journeys!

Christian got the overlanding bug back in the 1990s when working in and exploring West Africa, and it never left since. He has been involved with Expedition Portal and Overland Journal since the early days and has seen the market grow and explod in the last few years. When he is not snowboarding or mountain biking, he is browsing the Internet to bring you the best overland vehicles on the plantet - here on Expo and on Instagram.