Overland Chef: Asparagus Pancetta Skillet Hash

Colorful asparagus, hearty potatoes, and savory pancetta form this delicious spring inspired breakfast skillet hash that will have you saying, “I’d put an egg on that!”

It’s always good when we can incorporate some vegetables into our camping breakfast routine, and now with asparagus coming into season, it’s super easy. Few other vegetables have the resilience or longevity of asparagus, which won’t bruise and doesn’t require much refrigeration – if any – to keep fresh. We recently swung by the local market to pick up a bunch so we could develop this one pan cast iron breakfast skillet.



While egg-topped asparagus pancetta hash served in a cast iron skillet does have a trendy brunch menu ring to it, we promise it doesn’t take any more time or effort to make than normal potato hash. It’s just a matter of having the right supplies with you. So pick up some asparagus and pancetta before your next camping trip, and you too can enjoy this faux-fancy breakfast without having to queue up for two hours outside your favorite Sunday morning cafe.




We cooked this meal during our stay at The Holidays in San Clemente, CA. To read more about this amazing vintage trailer camp community, check out our article about it here.


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