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Optimized Overlanding Gullwing Camper Unveiled

The Optimized Overlanding Gullwing camper is tailored for those seeking a camping solution that combines internal sleeping and storage with the ability to tackle challenging terrains through lightweight construction. Inspired by the balmy Australian climate, the gullwing design merges indoor and outdoor living, catering primarily to dry and warm regions, while its manufacturers suggest its suitability for year-round use.

This camper’s core philosophy centers around a flatbed design, with the gullwing taking center stage to unlock interior storage with the added benefit of streamlined construction. With four spacious storage drawers, including two large and locking under-bed drawers, the interior offers space to accommodate various items, including valuable gear and even rugged gear such as sand ladders that would typically be stored externally. The interior walls feature MOLLE boards, adding an extra layer of organization and flexibility.

Transitioning from an open to closed configuration takes less than two minutes, with the layout efficiently organizing the kitchen and utilities on separate sides. This layout allows for personalization, ensuring you can tailor the camper setup to your preferences. When lowered, the camper minimizes wind resistance and maintains a lower center of gravity for improved stability during travel. On the other hand, raising the gullwing configuration creates a spacious interior flooded with natural light and ventilation, which is perfect for those Baja beach days. Adjustable blackout panels offer both light control and privacy options.

The camper is designed to strike a balance between functionality and mobility, and the manufacturers claim that the camper has the ability to accommodate up to 10 days of food and water reserves, along with electricity generation capabilities with provisions for showers and heating to cater to all four seasons. Illuminated by six generously sized windows, the interior remains well-lit and airy, and dual fans contribute to maintaining a cool environment.

A flatbed truck with a payload capacity of 1,800 pounds or more is crucial for the camper’s installation. Notably, the demo model shell weighs 750 pounds dry without interior and standard accessories and 1,750 pounds when fully loaded. The camper’s base dimensions are approximately 83 x 75 inches. The camper features a 200-watt solar capacity backed by a 2,000-watt inverter/charger. It offers two 110-volt outlets and a 30-amp shore power connection, though a battery isn’t included. The solar charger seamlessly interfaces with lithium batteries, enhancing energy storage. Battery selection is up to you, ranging from lead-acid to lithium options. While pricier, lithium batteries offer an extended lifespan, are lightweight, rapid charging, and have complete discharge capabilities. The manufacturers recommend the Battle Born 100 amp-hour 12-volt LiFePO4 heated deep cycle battery, which is backed by a 10-year warranty and 3,000-5,000 cycle life expectancy.

The Optimized Overlanding Gullwing camper retails at $25,000. The pricing may depend on optional extras and additional equipment, and the camper may be collected in Bend, Oregon, or delivered within the lower 48.


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Graeme Bell is an author and explorer who has dedicated his life to traveling the planet by land, seeking adventure and unique experiences. Together with his wife and two children, Graeme has spent the last decade living permanently on the road in a self-built Land Rover based camper. They have explored 27 African countries (including West Africa), circumnavigated South America, and driven from Argentina to Alaska, which was followed by an exploration of Europe and Western Asia before returning to explore the Americas. Graeme is the Senior Editor 4WD for Expedition Portal, a member of the Explorers Club, the author of six books, and an Overland Journal contributor since 2015. You can follow Graeme's adventures across the globe on Instagram at graeme.r.bell