Opinel Nomad Cooking Kit and Picnic+

A while ago, we declared that Opinel knives are art. We stand by that declaration and, as if to prove us right, Opinel has launched a new, innovative multi-purpose range which has us drooling and dreaming of a long hike and a campfire feast. Multi-purpose gear is the outdoor explorer’s holy grail; we love a product that is affordable, well made and can replace many (sometimes inferior) products. The first Opinel factory was established in Savoie, France, back in 1890, and the company sells more than 5 million knives a year. Its line has extended from a simple folding knife loved by farmers, soldiers, and outdoorsmen to a range of practical knives for most edged applications.

The five-piece Nomad Cooking Kit is the answer to our culinary dreams and is the perfect companion for those long hikes and campfire feasts. The king of the kit is the large No.12 Serrated Folding Knife which, at just over 11 inches long with a 4.75-inch serrated blade, is perfect for cutting bread, large vegetables, and for slicing through that medium-rare steak. This large knife may not quite replace your favorite chef’s knife, but it will do its best to dominate your vehicle’s cutlery container. ($28 if bought individually).

The No.10 Corkscrew Knife is French perfection, ideal for wine and cheese platters as the sun sets and the fire crackles. This knife will be the first to go missing when you are camped surrounded by thirsty wine drinkers, so be sure to keep it in your pocket. The No.10 folding knife is, at 9 inches long (including the handle), large enough to cut loaves of bread, cheese, and cured meats. The beechwood handle snugly houses a 5-turn steel corkscrew and a stainless steel blade capable of doing almost everything you expect from an everyday carry knife. ($36 if bought individually).

The lightweight and sturdy Nomad Cooking Kit is completed by a competent No.06 Folding Peeler, an 8 x 5-inch cutting board, and a microfiber cleaning cloth that doubles as a folding carry pouch for all the pieces of the kit. We have tested a similar peeler, and, despite being diminutive, it is still one of the best peelers we have used. The idea of an all-in-one kit for food preparation is appealing to the minimalist traveler. Equally appealing is a smart and practical cutlery solution.

To complement the Nomad Cooking Kit, Opinel has released Picnic+ innovative cutlery inserts which are smart, durable accessories for on-the-go meals and camp cooking, and won the Best Innovation Award from Carryology at Outdoor Retailer 2022. The Picnic+ set utilizes the Virobloc safety ring on the No.08 folding knife to hold the fork or spoon insert in place. Genius! The fork and spoon inserts directly into your No.8 Opinel knife (from 2000 CE onwards), and we suggest that you might consider carrying two affordable No 8s as you will therefore have a complete cutlery set at meal times.

The Picnic+ Complete Set includes a No.08 stainless steel folding knife, fork insert, spoon insert, and a dual-use micro-fiber napkin that doubles as a carrying case (as per the Nomad Cooking Kit). Buy a set for each member of your family.

The Picnic+ Complete Set is no doubt extremely popular and is, unfortunately, sold out at the time of writing. Enter your email address on the Opinel product page, and you will be alerted when stock is available. The kit retails for $18 without a No. 08 knife and $35 with a No. 08 knife.

The Nomad Cooking Kit retails for $85.


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