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Off Highway Van Unveils the Spur Camper Van

Off Highway Van (OHV), a prominent camper van designer and manufacturer based in Salt Lake City, Utah, has unveiled the Spur. This new camper van model simplifies the van life experience by providing essential amenities without the burden of unnecessary extras. Conceptualized for adventurers who value ease and practicality, the Spur is designed to offer a more accessible entry point into the world of camper vans.

Spur Camper Van

Custom camper vans are a significant investment for most people, often accompanied by high maintenance costs for the vehicle and its internal systems. However, OHV has observed that most customers simply seek a mobile base camp for extended weekend getaways, requiring only essential sleeping, dining, and storage spaces and the ability to transport adventure gear and access remote wilderness locations. Sometimes less really is more, and often, a well-equipped and built vehicle can take you further than your wildest dreams.

Since its inception in 2016, OHV has drawn upon its motorsports background to create durable camper vans tailored for outdoor enthusiasts. AJ Turner, Marketing Director of OHV, said,

“The combination of lightweight materials, high-quality construction, and highly-engineered systems all come together to give you a durable camper van that can withstand the rigors of off-road trails and all of your adventures that bring dirt and wear inside the van too.”

With an impressive track record of over 150 vans built to date, OHV has honed its designs to feature functional galleys, hang-out areas, and ample storage for outdoor gear.

Off Highway Spur camper van interior Off Highway Spur camper van interior

Spur Camper VanThe Spur addresses these needs by offering a more streamlined camper van experience. Utilizing quality materials and lightweight construction, this conversion van is fully insulated and prepared for year-round use, from weekend getaways to lengthy wilderness excursions. Its modular design features a removable bed, seating, and storage boxes, as well as a galley, ample water capacity, electrical power, and a roof vent to provide a comfortable basecamp for outdoor expeditions. The Spur also comes equipped with off-road tires, a blackout wheel package, and a roof rack for additional gear storage, ensuring it is both lightweight and off-road capable.

Spur Camper Van interior Spur Camper Van interior

Priced at $129,000, which includes a 2023 Mercedes Sprinter Cargo AWD van, the Spur offers exceptional value with its range of standard features. These include insulation, aluminum composite walls and ceilings, an aluminum galley, aluminum cabinets, and storage boxes, which are all fundamental to OHV’s lightweight construction. The Spur also has a simple water system, roof vent, interior lighting, mounting for extra captain’s chairs, a 12-volt electrical system, a full-length roof rack, a rear tire carrier, and off-road tires.

Off Highway Spur camper van interior Off Highway Spur camper van interior

Spur Camper Van interiorFounded in 2016, OHV specializes in creating vehicles and products for wilderness exploration. The company’s team of outdoor enthusiasts, including bikers, runners, hikers, skiers, rafters, and motorcyclists, use their personal experiences to develop functional and practical products for fellow adventurers. OHV asserts that their van modifications are not only verified through engineering and precision production but also tested in real-world conditions.

To learn more about the Spur, visit offhighwayvan.com/thespur, and or watch the informational video below.

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