New, More Powerful V7 Moto Guzzi

moto guzzi V7 engine

Moto Guzzi has proudly announced its new 2021 V7 engine. In the late ’60s, Moto Guzzi delivered the V-twin engine that became what the company would be known for. More than 50 years after the first unit’s launch, the new V7 is an important and exciting reveal for this iconic Italian leader in motorcycle design.

How sexy is it? You’ll notice new, stylish side panels (available in three colors), a shorter rear mudguard, and a revamped rear end showing off generous-sized pipes, a larger cardan final drive, and a wider rear wheel with a 150/70 tire on aluminum wheels.

New V7 Moto Guzzi 2021

How does it surpass the previous version? Fun and reliable, the 850cc V7 Moto Guzzi has increased its maximum power from 52 to 65 horsepower. Its torque range is now an impressive 73 newton-meters at 5,000 rpm, up from 60 newton-meters at 4,250 rpm. And at 3,000 rpm, you’ll already have 80 percent available torque. In addition, the new V7 runs with superior maturity, has tougher shock absorbers with greater travel, and is more complete equipment-wise. Features have been added for reliable stability in keeping with its best-seller handling. This most recent, modern drive guarantees better overall performance and efficiency while providing maximum riding pleasure.

Riding two-up? The new two-tier saddle and rider footpeg support offers better comfort and security for passengers.

moto guzzi V7 engine

This new advancement from Mandello has dropped the Roman numerals that, since 2007, characterized the model’s progression. The manufacturer promises that character and authenticity remain, however, and now the V7 is even better equipped and more comfortable.

Two versions are available:

For the minimalist, the V7 Stone incorporates a full LED system for safer riding. The modest, functional instrument cluster is all digital and remains simple on one circular dial.

Looking for a classic, elegant design? The V7 Special has a dual-dial instrument cluster with a speedometer and rev counter. Spoked wheels allow for a more sporty ride and maintain the ultra-classic look.

The V7 Stone is available in three colors, while the V7 Special sticks to the two classics of the original model.


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