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New Compact Sony G-series Lenses: 24, 40, and 50mm Focal Lengths

Sony has just announced three new G-series prime lenses which are compatible with their E-mount cameras, including a 24, 40, and 50mm focal length. These new lenses offer modest apertures ranging from f/2.5 to 2.8, but make up for speed with smaller than average form-factors and weights. But as with all Sony lenses bearing the infamous “G” designation, these three promise exceptional image resolving capabilities, thanks in part to aspherical and ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements.

“At Sony we are constantly innovating to develop the best tools that allow photographers and video creators to realize their artistic vision,” said Neal Manowitz, deputy president for Imaging Products and Solutions Americas at Sony Electronics. “With these three dynamic lenses, our customers can capture a wide range of perspectives with the excellent resolution and beautiful bokeh that Sony’s G lenses are known for.”

All three lenses are the same dimensions and (approximate) weight, all three share the same filter diameter of 49-millimeters, and all three utilize internal focusing mechanisms. Because of these factors, Sony claims that you will not need to re-balance your gimble when switching between any of these lenses on a shoot.

Features and Focal Distances

All three lenses have a focus hold button (which is customizable from Sony’s camera menu), a focus mode switch, aperture ring, and aperture click switch (especially useful if you shoot video). All three lenses are designed to be “dust and moisture resistant” although I was unable to find any additional qualifications for this claim beyond the above statement in the press release. The focal distances of each lens are as follows:

24mm – Minimum focus distance of 0.24m (AF) / 0.18m (MF) and maximum magnification of up to 0.13x (AF) / 0.19x (MF)

40mm – Minimum focus distance of 0.28m (AF) / 0.25m (MF) and maximum magnification of up to 0.20x (AF) / 0.23x (MF).

50mm – Minimum focus distance of 0.35m (AF) / 0.31m (MF) and maximum magnification of up to 0.18x (AF) / 0.21x (MF)

All three lenses will retail for approximately $600, a veritable bargain for Sony G-series glass.

Travelers take note, this range of lenses, with their tiny form factor and prime image quality may be an excellent option for those who prioritize a compact, lightweight, and high-quality collection of travel-friendly lenses. Either way, the Expedition Portal team will look forward to hearing how these perform once they make it to the real world.


For additional information and insights, read the original press release, here.

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