New Airstream Interstate 24X is a Luxury 4×4 Built for Adventure

Airstream, the manufacturer of (arguably) the most recognizable travel trailers on the road, is bringing a new Class-B adventure van to market in 2022 dubbed the 24X. Part of the Interstate product line, which includes three other coaches, the 24X is aimed at the adventure-minded individual, or family, who wants a hearty helping of luxurious finishes with a side of off-highway performance.

“Your RV is a tool for adventure, and in designing this van we knew we had to stay true to that simple idea,” said Airstream President & CEO Bob Wheeler. “An Airstream adventure van had to naturally combine the functionality of our Basecamp line with the luxurious amenities you see in the Interstate and Atlas. In the end, our design and engineering teams were able to create something that went beyond our expectations–a functional, gorgeous touring coach that is going to get you right up to the edge of your adventure.”

But before we get into the details of this new coach, let’s be clear on something: this is not a rock-crawler. It’s a 24-foot, 170-inch wheel-base Mercedes Sprinter 3500 with 4×4. This rig wasn’t made for extreme wheeling in Moab, although there are plenty of adventures in that destination that it could handle. The 24X was designed to offer enhanced traction for tackling bumpy Forest Service roads, exploring mildly technical tracks, venturing out in the snow, or going the extra miles required to find a more secluded campsite.

I am confident, that with those expectations established, the 24X is a fully capable rig. And for those of you who find appeal in the design and quality that the Airstream brand is known for, I’m pretty sure the 24X will not disappoint.

“The wait is over and we couldn’t be more excited,” said Airstream VP of Sales Justin Humphreys.“For those who want to head deeper into the woods–who want to get out there away from the crowds and find that perfect boondocking spot–the Interstate 24X lets you do that. You’re going to open your door and the adventure is waiting right outside.”


The Airstream 24X is Ready for the Dirt

When it comes to modern RVs, consumers are demanding more and more capability. They want to be able to enjoy their motorhomes in increasingly remote destinations, a trend that I’m sure all of you ExPo readers can relate to.

To address this demand, Airstream built the 24x on a Mercedes 3500 chassis with a 4×4 drivetrain that is outfitted with six LT215/85R16 all-terrain tires. They also added a 42-inch LED lightbar for enhanced visibility when driving at night. Finally, the vehicle is outfitted with a protective coating on the wheels, bumpers, and lower portion of the body panels to protect against errant rocks and branches.

But enjoying destinations that emphasize the beauty of the outdoors requires more than just 4×4 capability and auxiliary LED lighting. Staying comfortable when living off-grid requires specific systems and equipment. Thankfully, the 24X has these in spades, including a powered awning, hydronic heat and hot water system, a robust solar electrical system with 200 amp-hours of Battle Born lithium batteries and a 2000-watt AC inverter, exterior wash stations, a Cummins 2.5 kilowatt generator, a 23-gallon freshwater tank, and a 9.8-gallon LPG tank. Note that there are many more specific details available on Airstream’s website for those who want to dig into every feature offered.


The Airstream 24X Vehicle Layout

The 24X has gone with a tried and true layout that has been proven in many other campervan builds. It has a curb-side mid-ship galley that extends about halfway in front of the vehicle’s sliding door, leaving ample room for entry and exit.

airstream interstate 24x front view

Opposite the galley, a European-style fully-enclosed wet-bath with an intelligently designed sink/shower combo makes efficient use of the small space.

Airstream Interstate 24x lavy

Immediately forward of the wet bath is a 5-cubic-foot, all-electric (no propane) DC refrigerator and in front of that, a workstation consisting of a Lagun table that can be utilized while sitting in the swiveling driver’s side captain chair.

airstream interstate 24x work space

The rear of the vehicle is a dedicated lounge/dinette/sleeping/storage area that can easily be converted based on the needs of the trip at hand. Bench seats on either side of the vehicle offer seating and storage space for gear, but a quick rearranging of the seatbacks results in a large bed. Aircraft L-track on the floor, walls, and ceiling provides additional customization options for storage solutions. Additional Lagun mounts in the rear of the vehicle as well as outside the kitchen area allow for a workspace, dining area, or food prep arrangement.

airstream interstate 24x rear

While Airstream’s new Interstate 24X sounds quite comfortable and well-thought-out from a design perspective, acquiring one is going to cost you a pretty penny. $213,850 to be exact.


Learn more about the Interstate 24X adventure van on Airstream’s website.

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