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Triumph Partners With Motorcycle Safety Foundation To Offer Free Basic eCourse To New and Former Riders

When I wanted to learn to ride, I debated paying the large $800 fee for a motorcycle safety course. This was in Canada, where insurance companies give big discounts when you pass the course. However, $800 was expensive, and I planned to be mostly off-pavement. At the end of the sessions six weeks later, I couldn’t believe I had contemplated “figuring it out” on my own. Just the safety tips alone in the classroom section have likely saved my life a few times. The course even made me a better driver.

In recognition of the importance of road safety, Triumph Motorcycles has partnered with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation to make their basic eCourse available. This intro to riding is free of cost. Hopes and goals for both Triumph and MSF are to get new and former riders interested in riding again.

There is no value to be placed on something that can save your life, but free is a no-brainer.Motorcycle Safety Foundation learn to ride triumph motorcyclesMore information at TriumphRider.com or see the press release below.

Unedited Press Release from Triumph Motorcycles:Central to the values of Triumph Motorcycles is a passion for riding. To share this passion Triumph has partnered with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) to make the MSF Basic eCourse available free of charge to prospective new riders, or former riders interested in riding again. The 3-hour eCourse, valued at $20, is a great introduction to riding. It is also a prerequisite for the hands-on MSF Basic RiderCourse, which in most states will make students eligible to obtain a motorcycle endorsement upon completion.

“Triumph Motorcycles has always been ‘For The Ride,’ so this is a very fitting partnership to help share that passion. Now more than ever, people are looking for new forms of recreation, so I couldn’t think of a better time to help them discover the joy of riding.” Rod Lopusnak – General Manager, Triumph Motorcycles America.

“We’re excited to partner with Triumph and help people embark on their journey into motorcycling. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation believes in lifelong learning, and prospective riders will find the eCourse to be the best first step to becoming a lifelong rider.” Erik Pritchard – President and CEO of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

To facilitate the offer, Triumph has launched the website TriumphRider.com, where prospective riders may complete a form to be emailed a unique promo code, which can be applied when they register on the MSF website to redeem the Free Basic eCourse, compliments of Triumph.


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