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Moonbikes: 100 Percent Electric, 100 Percent Silent

I’m not a fan of snowmobiles. The concept is great: floating on snow, getting high up into the mountains with the help of an engine. But one significant reason why I go into the backcountry is for the peace and quiet. Sleds have their selling points, but they smell and are loud. For these two reasons alone, I’m fascinated by MoonBikes.

moonbikes rider in snow

MoonBikes are the world’s first ultralight electric snowbike. They are said to be easier to ride than sleds yet also have the power and torque of a motorcycle. Because MoonBikes are one-third the weight of a snowmobile, these snow toys are also easier to handle, store, and transport. They even fit on a hitch mount.

moonbikes hitch mount
The best part? MoonBikes make zero noise. They are 100 percent electric and 100 percent silent, which apparently means they can ride on the moon—how the bikes got their namesake.

moonbikes mountains

moonbikes cabin

The MoonBikes Idea

Founder and CEO Nicolas Muron had the idea for MoonBikes in 2015, while visiting his grandparents in a small village in France. He noticed that during the summer it was easy to get around using all kinds of transportation modes, but in winter, people only used cars or snowmobiles which are expensive and polluting. With a background in tech and a love for nature, Nicolas got to work on creating a solution. By the summer of 2021, the company had set up a partnership with Michelin and began building models.

moonbikes founder nicola mura

MoonBikes CEO and founder, Nicolas Muron.

moonbikes specs

Starting at $8,500 US, MoonBikes bridge the gap between transportation and recreation, providing a fun way to “explore nature, without compromising it.”

MoonBike Specs:

Battery life: 40 miles
Cold resistance: -13°F (-25°C)
Top speed: 26 mph (42 km/h)
Immediate torque: 125 pound-feet
Max torque: 170 Newton meters
Weight: 191 pounds (87 kilograms)
Payload: 264 pounds (120 kilograms) driver included
Powcer depth: 30 centimeters
Gradeability: 40 percent

For more information, check out the MoonBikes website.

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