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Living Vehicle Unveils CyberTrailer: A Game-Changing Mobile Charging Station

Touring the USA, it has now become a fairly regular occurrence to interrupt a conversation or punctuate the silence with one word, “Cybertruck.” While spotting the stainless steel vehicle in the wild might be common, we have yet to see the Cybertuck sparking conversation in a campsite; perhaps now, with the introduction of the CyberTrailer, this will change. In case you were wondering, the Living Vehicle press release clearly states that Cybertruck® is a registered trademark of Tesla, Inc. and is not affiliated with Living Vehicle® or the CyberTrailer in any way. Tesla, Inc. is not associated with nor a sponsor of Living Vehicle or the CyberTrailer. Litigation averted; let’s have a look at the camper.

The CyberTrailer is distinguished by its robust solar power system, featuring up to 5 kilowatts of off-grid solar production. This capacity is unprecedented in the RV industry, rivaling home solar systems. Integrated solar panels cover the roof, while solar-tracking awnings tilt to maximize solar gain, ensuring optimal energy capture throughout the day.

Designed with electric vehicles in mind, the CyberTrailer is compatible with various electric or dinosaur juice-fueled tow vehicles, not just the Tesla Cybertruck. This integration addresses range and charging anxiety, promoting seamless travel for EV enthusiasts. Matthew Hofmann, CEO of Living Vehicle, emphasizes,

“The CyberTrailer reduces range anxiety and makes off-grid travel with electric vehicles a reality. With our innovative technology, every journey can become limitless.”

The CyberTrailer’s hybrid energy system allows it to recharge using both solar power and backup power generation. This redundant system ensures that the battery pack remains charged even when solar exposure is limited, supporting Level 2 charging for tow vehicles and offering a reliable energy solution.

One of the standout features of the CyberTrailer is its proprietary self-driving powered axles, which significantly reduce range loss for both electric and gas-powered tow vehicles. This innovation enhances the trailer’s ability to travel to remote, off-grid locations. Matthew Hofmann adds,

“We are committed to making off-grid adventures more accessible. Self-powered trailer axles are a game changer for reaching the most remote destinations.”

The CyberTrailer also boasts advanced aerodynamic design, optimizing performance with all tow vehicles to achieve maximum efficiency in power and fuel consumption. This design is said to make journeys more economical and environmentally friendly, whether maximizing EV range or increasing MPG for combustion vehicles.

Incorporating Living Vehicle’s signature features, the CyberTrailer includes a folding patio deck located at the rear. This deck serves as an outdoor lounging space and lowers to the ground, functioning as a ramp for toy-hauler-style storage, which is ideal for transporting recreational equipment such as motorcycles, bicycles, and kayaks.

The trailer’s 240-volt Level 2 charging capability ensures that all electric companion vehicles and recreational equipment, such as e-bikes and scooters, are fully charged and ready for off-grid use. This comprehensive charging solution enhances the convenience and functionality of the CyberTrailer.

Living Vehicle plans to unveil additional design details and features of the CyberTrailer later this summer. This upcoming release promises to provide an in-depth look at the interior. We hope for a few large windows and an interior that does not mirror the stark exterior.

Prices start at $175,000, and prospective buyers can reserve a spot on the waitlist with a refundable $100 deposit at CyberTrailer.com.

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