Lets Go Aero, Nelson Trailer Adapter

Necessity is the mother of invention, and at Let’s Go Aero (LGA), it was all the motivation they required to launch their first product in 1998, the Gearwagon AT ‘Herman’ Sport Performance trailer. It was a light and enclosed trailer that could carry five bicycles, among other gear, and still be pulled by a Volkswagen Rabbit). This ‘organic ingenuity and authenticity’ has continued to be the driving force at LGA, as they strive for ‘fresh approaches to improve how we handle our gear’.

LGA’s Full Nelson Truck Bed Mount V-Rack loads up to six bikes or other multi-sport gear without interfering with the truck bed’s interior space. This is a great solution when storage is at a premium and you want to maximise your cargo capacity. Their latest product, the Nelson trailer adapter, offers customers the opportunity to transfer this rack to their LittleGiant/SpecOps trailers. The adapter secures onto the C-Channel tracks, located above the trailer sidewalls, and has been designed to ensure relocating the Nelson is as seamless as possible. As a result, users can add a second level of storage to their LGA trailers without impeding on the 88- x 54- x 24-inch cargo dimensions. The new adapter also integrates the company’s RingLocker anti-theft system, so bikes are safe from theft, whether on the truck or trailer.

Moreover, the adapter is compatible with their Seal Skin trailer tonneau cover, which protects the contents from all weather conditions. Their trailer dimensions intentionally mimic those of most mid-to-large truck beds, ensuring accessories are a long-term investment and are easily interchangeable to another vehicle should you want to change. Finally, the trailers themselves are built to last, and the impressive specifications of the Spec Ops AnyRoad trailer reaffirm that this is a product constructed for everyday punishment.


The Nelson adapter is a no-brainer for anyone who’s already invested in one of LGA’s trailers and provides drastically improved capacity with one simple modification. It’s always nice to see a company update its existing lineup with innovative upgrades, and this latest product is a great example. The LittleGiant/SpecOps trailers may be modestly sized, but with the new adapter and subsequent second-level storage, their capacity reflects that of a much bigger alternative, without the headache of towing something more sizable. As someone who frequently struggles with carrying oversized outdoor equipment, I think this is a great product and one that will be welcomed by those looking to maximise their storage on the road.

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