Land Rover to Build 25 “New” Series I Rovers

With the Defender production line at a full stop, Land Rover evidently has a little extra time on their hands and plans to complete the life-circle of their most famous truck with a limited run of “new” Series I Rovers. In a statement released at the recent Techno-Classica historic vehicle show in Essen, Germany, Land Rover’s Classics division announced they will hand-select 25 vintage vehicles from their global network to receive a comprehensive restoration at their Solihull facility. Each Series I truck inducted into the program will be painstakingly restored to its original 1948 specifications and will be offered in 80 and 86-inch chassis models in five period-correct finishes.

Using only original Land Rover parts, each restoration will produce vehicles of unprecedented condition, timeless reincarnations of the truck that spawned a legendary brand. With such a limited run, the 25 vehicles slated to be re-built will sell out quickly with prices estimated to range between $85,000 and $120,000.

The first truck, pictured here, is a timeless example of what a new Series I looked like when it first rolled off the Solihull assembly line in 1948. These 25 trucks will be instant collectibles and serve as another fine send-off for the last year of the Land Rover Defender.


If you missed your chance to buy one in 1948, which you surely did, get to your Land Rover dealer today and maybe you will be one of the lucky 25 to get to own the original Landy.

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