Land Rover Begins US Deliveries of All-New Defender

It has been 23 years since Land Rover dealerships in the United States have seen a Defender come into the showroom, a period that officially ends now as Land Rover begins initial deliveries of the all-new 2020 Defender 110. Both Scott Brady and I have been lucky enough to spend extensive time with the vehicle in a sneak peek months prior to its unveil (the hardest secret I’ve ever kept), to fording rivers in Namibia just before CO-VID 19 erupted onto the world stage. There’s no doubt Land Rover has a winner on their hands, with few vehicles matching its breadth of capability on and off road.

Don’t expect to find a “fix it with a Leatherman” classic Defender when you go into a showroom, as the all-new Defender is an entirely different vehicle at the cutting edge of where 4WD technology intersects with the modern world. It exceeds the outgoing model in nearly every measurable way, other than perhaps classic charm.

Limited customer deliveries will be taking place, with the UK-based manufacturer ensuring that every Jaguar Land Rover dealer in the United States has Defenders on hand for the public to experience and check out. That means that right now, for the first time in decades, you can stop into your local Land Rover dealer to have a look.

“After too long of an absence, the Land Rover Defender is once again here in the US,” said Jaguar Land Rover North America President and CEO Joe Eberhardt. “In the coming months, we will ramp up availability as global circumstances allow. We want to thank all those customers, enthusiasts, retailers, employees, and logistics partners for their enthusiasm and commitment to making this a reality. The automotive landscape is certainly brighter with the new Defender in our showrooms, driveways, and roads.”

You can build your all-new Defender online at

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