La Aduana: Two Syncros to See

The Volkswagen van is undoubtedly an iconic automobile by just about any standard. The 60s bus model, while mainly associated with hippies, peace, and a rather questionable plant, helped people all over the world get out on the road and experience the joy of “motor-homing”. It was a cheaper and more practical RV that granted the masses access to vehicle based travel and vacationing in a way few others could. When the updated Vanagon was released in 1979 with the subsequent Syncro model six years later, the face of the industry changed. A whole new realm of off-road travel was opened up and the dream of taking a sleep-in RV to the bush became a reality in reach of almost anyone. Since then these cool practical trucks have skyrocketed in popularity and created an almost cult like following in the 4×4 and overland communities. Unfortunately, this has also made them rather rare and pricey which is why we think these two affordable VW’s are worth a look.

1991 Volkswagen Tristar

This first Volkswagen is Doka Tristar which is about as common in the U.S. as a Defender 110. In fact according to the advertisement only 18 of these quad cab Syncro models were sold stateside and this one seems to have survived in pristine condition. Recently released from a San Diego auto museum, the truck has been excellently maintained and only driven 62,000 miles over the course of the last 12 years. The owner doesn’t give a lot of details but we feel the pictures speak for themselves. Check it out on Ebay Motors here: alt altalt

1986 Volkswagen Vanagon Weekender


If camping inside your van with a/c, heating, and a bed is more your style, then this Weekender is the one for you. The owner states that he built it to be a reliable daily driver and camping rig that could also haul his children. To decrease the chances of a part failing he replaced many old components with new ones, upgraded the brakes, and installed a fully rebuilt Subaru SVX for additional horsepower on the road. The van also features modifications to make your camping experience more comfortable including an awning, dual batteries, an on-board air compressor and more.

Take a closer look on Ebay Motors here:


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