La Aduana: 1990 VW Golf Country 4×4

via West County Explorers Club: What happens when a 4×4 makes love to a Rabbit? You get the VW Golf Country 4×4. According to an older Bring a Trailer article, only 4000 of these were ever produced and none of them were officially imported to the US. This 1990 model, however, is reported to have legal residence here in Sacramento, California.


It’s available on ebay for another couple of days for $12,500. That said, a 1991 model sold in Canada for US$ 6750 a couple of years ago, so you may have some room to bargain, if you’d like to use this thing to fahrvergnügen to your ski haus.


The seller reports that it has a 1.8l engine like US-model Golfs, 135,000 miles, and a 5-speed transmission. Check out the plaid interior.

View it here on Bring a Trailer.