KTM Announces new 1090 Adventure R

As we have seen over the years, the cycle of cycles has ebbs and flows and we just happen to be on the verge of a considerable uptick for 2017. Aside from the widespread scramblering of bikes from the big players, there has been a renewed interest in the mid-weight adventure bike. Much of this has been instigated by Honda’s new Africa Twin, which is not only priced well, but it has size and performance metrics that appeal to many riders not keen on saddling one of the behemoths currently on the market.

Realizing their own monster, the 1290 Super Adventure R, might be a bit more than some riders want or need, KTM is releasing a new, slightly smaller platform built around their 1050cc 75° V-twin. Capable of producing 125hp and 80lb-ft of torque, it will have a lot of pep for a middleweight, but big power is a hallmark of the KTM brand. This new bike, essentially an improved 1050 Adventure as offered only in Europe, will replace the 1190 Adventure and Adventure R bikes.


Although the new 1090 Adventure will be manufactured in both off-road and road biased models, North America will only get the dirt-tuned Adventure R with its 21-inch front wheel, 18-inch rear, and TKC80 tires. It will be packaged with new fully adjustable forks with separate compression and rebound systems to match the same technology as used in the rear suspension. The Keihin engine management system is paired to a Ride-by-wire throttle and slipper clutch.

Like its bigger predecessors, the 1090 will offer electronic Motorcycle Stability Control with multimode ABS and traction control modes. The Off-road ABS setting disengages the rear brake interference, but keeps the system active for the front wheel for better control in the dirt.

The new bike shares many of the design elements of the 1190 as well as many of the same chassis attributes. A 6.1 gallon tank will provide sufficient travel range and color matched crash bars come standard. Adjustable foot pegs, handlebars, and windshield round out the ergonomics and integrated pannier mounts simplify the addition of luggage. At 472 pounds dry, the 1090 comes in at just a few pounds lighter than the 1190. Pricing has not been announced, but will likely parallel that of the current 1190.


Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 8.23.19 AM 2017-KTM-1090-Adventure-R-10 2017-KTM-1090-Adventure-R-08

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