Kexby Car Seat Covers

Black vinyl may be a good choice for car seats if you are in the cold and damp of a typical English summer. In the the hot desert sun of the American southwest, it’s not such a good choice. Since we do a lot of exploration in Arizona and Nevada we needed to address the seats in our defender 110.

Fortunately Kexby Limited recently expanded their line of seat covers to include Defenders. If you are not familiar with Kexby, they’ve been selling high-quality, Made-in-England seat covers in the USA for over 15 years, specializing in marques like Bentleys and Rolls Royces, so they know how to supply a good-looking seat cover that fits well.

The Defender Covers we sourced were heavy-duty tan canvas. They fit like a glove, installed in a few minutes, and have stayed in place after weeks of hard use. Small details like the brass grommets, phone-pockets, and separate headrest covers, really show the attention they put into their products.

But the best feature of all? We no longer suffer from 2nd-degree burns every time we jump in the truck.

$275 per pair,