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Join Expedition Portal to Support Acalanes High School Body Shop’s Baja Adventure

Acalanes High School Body Shop Jeep

Over the previous few decades, the traditional shop class has all but disappeared from American middle schools and high schools. Subjected to a wide range of diverse pressures, vocational education [career and technical education (CTE) as it is more correctly known] has slowly been whittled down to a stub of what it once was. Budget constraints, ballooning classroom sizes, weighted GPA structures, a “college or die” mentality, and a lack of qualified teachers have all contributed to this trend. Beyond those structural obstacles, a troubling history of sexism, racism, and classism also haunted CTE through no fault of its own. The body shop at Acalanes High School in Lafayette, California, is just one such program facing the axe.

Acalanes High School Body Shop Jeep

Due to dwindling budgets and the departure of its last instructor, the body shop at the Bay Area Acalanes HS is staring down its final days. To celebrate the accomplishments of the students and faculty, this summer the talented Acalanes body shop students will embark on the Slow Baja Vintage Expedition with Michael Emery, a journey that promises not only to challenge their skills but also to ignite their passion for exploration. The team is restoring and upgrading vintage USPS Jeeps, transforming them into rugged, reliable vehicles capable of tackling the demanding terrain of the Baja Peninsula.

Please join us in making this expedition possible. By donating to their fundraiser, you help cover the costs of parts, tools, and travel expenses, ensuring that every student can participate in this unique educational adventure. Your support goes beyond just funding—it empowers young minds, teaches valuable trade skills, and underscores the importance of hands-on learning and adventure in today’s educational landscape.

Your contribution will equip the students with the resources they need to succeed and inspire them to explore new horizons both in craftsmanship and in life. Visit the GoFundMe page today and help fuel a journey of discovery and skill-building for the Acalanes High School Body Shop team.

Expedition Portal will match all donations up to $250. Together, we can drive the future forward.

Click here to donate and learn more about the project.

Acalanes High School Body Shop Jeep

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Images: Acalanes High School Body Shop

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