JEEP Wrangler, New Half Doors

The Jeep brand, built on 80 years of heritage, is widely regarded as the authentic SUV. The company’s Wrangler has always been a vehicle synonymous with open-top fun, and the partnership between Jeep Performance Parts and Mopar looks to ‘push the open-air envelope further’ with their new half-door option.

First and foremost, it’s important to recognise that Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) create their products in ‘close conjunction with the Jeep brand’, including factory-exclusive data (not available to the aftermarket) to ensure seamless integration and consistent quality. JPP products include axles, lift kits, bumpers, winches, skid plates, suspension components, and more.

The new half doors are engineered, tested, and backed by the factory and aim to enhance the Jeep Wrangler driving experience. This is a stylish modification that doesn’t compromise security or occupant protection whilst also providing improved visibility when manoeuvring on and off road. These full-steel doors are available for both two- and four-door Wranglers, are colour matched, and seamlessly install on the vehicle. If you’d like to swap existing full doors to half doors, it couldn’t be easier, as they’re manufactured to work with any of the following features: power mirrors, blind-spot detection, passive and non-passive entry handles, and power locks. The half doors are fitted in minutes by utilising the existing hinges and wiring connections. New upper-window assemblies create a weather-tight seal and integrate zippered plastic windows for easy removal. These are offered in base-model vinyl (matches production soft-top roof) or premium acrylic (matches premium soft-top roof). The upper door frame section uses a tool-free, dual-guide post feature for easy installation/removal.

I love the look of the half doors, and for those wishing to enhance the open-top experience, this is a great modification. I’m sure the enhanced visibility will be welcomed by owners who enjoy navigating technical terrain. That said, at $2,350/3,995 (two-door/four-door), it’s a lot of money that could be spent more effectively elsewhere on a Wrangler, depending on your needs.

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