It’s All About The People

“It’s all about the people” is repeated time and time again—in the living room, at the dinner table, and through the growing pains of life. It was a saying that my father would repeat to us boys without possibly even being aware that he was engraving it into our young and permeable minds, a saying I have only just begun to understand. It’s something that seems to gain more weight the more I ponder its meaning and realize that the material things in life are so fleeting. It’s people, interactions, memories, and character that really have the power to influence the mind and spirit.

The annual Colossal trip has been a learning curve for Team Tamarack in many ways, and we wonder where the event will go long-term. How do we continue to grow it? Do we want to grow it? What do we learn from it after each passing year? One thing is for certain: the stories and experiences created during Colossal never seem to fade. The cool trucks, equipment, and amazing scenery are just a small piece of what makes this trip so unique. It’s truly the PEOPLE that make it so special.

These sentiments echoed a little louder this year as our father’s words resided in our minds. We had people drive from Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle, and even as far away as Colorado. We are always humbled by people’s ability to commit to registering for this crazy trip. These same people, basically strangers who don’t even know us, are a testament to some of the quality people in the adventure 4WD community.

For the 2018 event, I’ll be honest, the weather sucked. Rain, snow, and low cloud cover kept our viewing experience at a minimum. But yet the stories from the campfire, the random desolate midnight run-ins with strangers, the night photo-ops, the drivers’ challenges, and the general sense of binding together to enjoy whatever Mother Nature could throw at us still brings a smile to my face. The experiences and the character of all the individuals united for Colossal are what takes the cake each and every year. The scenery, gear, and trucks are just a little extra icing.

Well done, friends new and old. Glad you made the trek, and we look forward to doing it again each and every year!


Team Tamarack

After moving from Calgary, Alberta to the backcountry hippie town of Nelson, British Columbia at a young age, Addison quickly acquired the local taste for the outdoors. His love of photography and capturing the wilderness gradually progressed alongside his enthusiasm for automobiles. The end result being a clean eye for building adventure-worthy Toyota 4x4's to extend the reach of his ethical pursuit of nature in its purest form. Addison recently co-founded Tamarack Media Co. to fulfill his passion for automobiles, the outdoors, and to continue working behind the lens.