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Interbike 2009 – Day 1: Gear & Accessories

Day one of Interbike has been very busy with visiting as many manufacturers as possible. I have been focusing on bicycle-related gear & accessories, whereas Nathan focused on the bikes, components & hardware.

Pacific Outdoor Equipment has entered into the bicycle pannier scene about two years ago, and had two sets on display: their lightweight “LTW” series (in green), and a more durable, heavyweight series (in silver), which feature welded seams and 270-degree reflective coverage. They have also designed a bag specifically for the B.O.B. trailer. http://www.pacoutdoor.com

Baja Designs has been known for their desert racing lighting systems, and has recently entered the bicycle lighting scene with the “Strykr.” However, they are å this an ‘adventure light’ since it has many more mounting options than just mountain biking, including kayaking, diving (10m), caving, motocross, etc. The wrist mount looked pretty cool. http://www.bajadesigns.com

Security being very important in all types of bicycle travel, Pinhead launched its brand new “Bubble Lock Technology” at this 2009 Interbike show. They call this a ‘one-key lock system,’ meaning that the same key is used for locking the front & rear wheels, headset, and u-lock. http://www.pinheadlocks.com

From the land of kiwis comes a heavy-duty rack for full-suspension & rigid bikes alike: Freeload. To demonstrate its payload capacity, one of the designers stood on the rack! So in addition to carrying panniers, this rack could act as a rickshaw in case of an emergency. http://www.freeload.co.nz

Famous for their backpack & hydration systems, Deuter has recently entered the bicycle pannier market. Their “Rack Pack” series mount to Ortlieb racks via their Quick Lock system. http://www.deuterusa.com

On the more elegant side of things comes Brooks with their “Devon” rear travel panniers & “Cornwall” handlebar bag. To complete the kit for your next adventure are leather handgrips and a leather saddle (seat). Some attendees thought this bike belonged to Jonathan Hanson, Executive Editor of Overland Journal. http://www.brooksengland.com

Another interesting new security debut was the “Modulus” from Kryptonite. This security system features a base with two ports for locking cables, with a wide variety of applications from commuter bikes to roofracks. http://www.kryptonitelock.com

Zimbale from Boise, Idaho makes a nice under-the-seat padded camera case, as well leather saddles. All of their bags feature waterproof cotton canvas, leather, and heavy-duty stitching. http://www.hydeparkcyclesports.com

The “Big Dumb Pug” custom bike from Banjo Cycles / Planet Bike – which is a combination of Surly‘s “Pugsley” and “Big Dummy,” offers plenty of cargo carrying options & payload capacity. http://www.banjocycles.com