Hema Maps Announces Changes to the 4WD Maps App (Android Version)

Hema Maps, founded in 1983 and based in Brisbane, is a mapping and publishing company that has been exploring Australia for 30 years, producing maps, atlases, guides, and digital navigation products. The company is focused on off-road touring and has subsequently become one of the industry leaders in 4×4 and adventure navigation. This warranted reputation has been achieved thanks to the company’s relentless pursuit of accurate cartographic detail relevant to outdoor explorers, realised by its unparalleled updating process. This information is collected via field-teams known as Map Patrol, who explore and map off-road destinations in Australia to ensure Hema Maps’ data is accurate and up-to-date. As a result, the company has GPS mapped over 428,746 miles (690,000 kilometres) of tracks and 338,647 miles (545,000 kilometres) of unsealed roads in Australia since 1996. This continued state of development is particularly relevant today as Hema, in collaboration with their partner Memory Map, announce the following changes to the 4WD Maps App (Android Version):

– New detailed maps of High Country Victoria: Hema’s recently released Victorian High Country Map series at 1:100,000 scale has now been added.

– New map series covering all Australian states: the latest Hema State Maps have been updated and added.

– New detailed map of Landcruiser Mountain Park, QLD: Hema’s South East Queensland map, featuring a detailed map of QLD’s iconic Landcruiser Mountain Park is now included.

– New software features, including the ability to simply tap to select/edit a track, find time, speed, and altitude at any point on the track and to split and join routes and tracks.

– The IOS version is currently being reviewed by Apple and should be released soon.

Navigation is a fundamental consideration when heading into the backcountry, and companies such as Hema Maps provide a service that optimizes routes, maximises enjoyment, and keeps you safe on the trails. The latest app update is a credit to Hema’s Map Patrol teams who work tirelessly to ensure the accuracy of their 4WD maps. If you’re considering your own Australian 4×4 adventure, then the updated Hema 4WD Maps App is a fantastic navigation resource.



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