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American Overlander: Triple Aught Design Edition LensLight KO

This is not your dad’s flashlight. Over the last few years, lighting sciences have advanced rapidly bringing to market flashlights with amazing amounts of light all packaged in small, durable casings. The TAD Edition LensLight KO is such a light and an impressive addition to any daily carry, or adventure kit. The two CR123 batteries power two light settings. The first setting sips power at just 5 lumens, but the highest setting pumps out a retina searing 440 lumens.

At just over 5” in length and weighing less than 5 ounces, this is a compact light making it easy to always have it at the ready. As we would expect of TAD and LensLight, the quality of materials and sophistication of construction sets this light apart from the competition. The Premium Bin CREE XP-G2 LED emitter is fully regulated to maximize battery performance. The machined aluminum case includes a well defined strike bezel, and six premium grade O-rings seal out the elements. A strong clip holds the light securely in place on a belt or pack strap, and the McClicky Tail Cap switch gives positive, tactile feel when activated.

Perhaps the most impressive and important feature of this flashlight is the efficiency and power of the light it produces. Many LED flashlights with this much power emit a strong, albeit narrow beam, often plagued with irregularities and dark spots. The KO throws a wide beam with even illumination throughout the entire diameter of the light pattern. Although wide, the beam is strong enough to penetrate deep into the darkness. Pardon the pun, but this flashlight is truly brilliant in every sense of the word.

Good tools like the TAD Edition Lenslight KO come at a premium price, but they also offer premium performance with the promise of years of loyal service. As we often say at Expedition Portal, “wince once, buy once.” Commit to the good stuff and it will never let you down. Made in America





Christophe Noel is a journalist from Prescott, Arizona. Born into a family of backcountry enthusiasts, Christophe grew up backpacking the mountains and deserts of the American West. An avid cyclist and bikepacker, he also has a passion for motorcycles, travel, food and overlanding.