Garrison Outfitters Under-seat Storage for Defender

I have to admit, when I heard I was going to be testing an under-seat storage system for the Defender, I was skeptical. My first thought was “there is no room under the seat for ANY storage” and my second thought was “even if you can fit a storage case under there, it will be so small, it will be useless”.

Surprisingly, the Under Seat Storage Case for the Defender, made in the USA by Garrison Outfitters, while small, is actually pretty cool. Firstly, it is cunningly designed to take up every millimeter of space under the seat, even wrapping around the seat’s mounting bar. Secondly, the space inside the case is perfect for a Passport, credit cards, watch, etc. The items you want to keep safe.

The coolest part about it is that if you have a seat cover installed on the seat, (we were testing the new Kexby seat covers at the same time) the storage case is completely undetectable, even if you pull the seat out of the truck. It really does take hidden storage to the next level.

While not everyone needs to hide their passport when they are driving, it’s still nice to know you have a place to keep an emergency credit card, set of keys, and a bit of cash, just in case. $110 from

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