Fore Winds Rugged and Luxe Camp Stoves

“The world, we are told, was made especially for man – a presumption not supported by all the facts – John Muir”

This is the legend that greets you as you land on the Fore Winds website, and the implication is that this is a company that makes products tough enough to withstand the least habitable parts of the planet that we overlanders seek out.

The Fore Winds stoves are Japanese-designed for durability and cooking performance, with the needs of a traveling chef in mind, and powered by safe and clean-burning butane fuel. The company produces four stoves and accessories for those stoves (while the holding company Iwatani is primarily employed in the Energy sector).

Outdoor cooking is a passion and/or a necessity for most of us, and a cooker or stove is an integral and essential element in every overland setup. While many options are available on the market, quality can be hit or miss. Countries such as Japan and Korea have a reputation for intelligently designed products that focus on making an outdoor experience as hassle-free as possible. The following stoves are the premium stoves in the Fore Wind range.

Luxe Camp Stove

When you need more heat output in the most demanding, cold and windy conditions, the Luxe Camp Stove is up to the challenge. Sporting “282 flame ports” with a high-power output of 12,000 BTUs/hour, the Luxe Camp Stove is good for 64 minutes of burn time on one gas 8oz butane fuel cartridge. The wind resistant top cover and windshield ring shelter ensure your flame will burn strong in breezy weather and the flame is ignited via a Piezoelectric Ignition. With safety in mind, the stove is designed to automatically detach the canister and extinguish the flame if any abnormal pressure is detected in the canister. With a 14.9 x 12.9-inch footprint, the Luxe Stoves weighs in at 6.17 pounds and an includes a carrying case.

$199 available at

Rugged Camp Stove

Ideal for the gourmet chef and active explorer alike, the Rugged Camp Stove broadens your culinary potential in the outdoors. With enamel-coated steel construction in a durable one-piece rectangular design and the stove weighs in at only 5.3 pounds. Included with a carrying case, the Rugged Camp Stove transports easily and stows neatly in your vehicle. With a generous 13.4 x 11.1-inch footprint, the Rugged Camp Stove accommodates pots and pans up to 9.5-inch in diameter, giving you the option to cook larger meals for friends and family members. The stove’s magnetic locking system secures the cleaner-burning butane canister, offering over 70 minutes of cooking time at 11,000 BTU/hour while the double-wind shield design protects the flame while you cook.

$149 available at

You can visit their website at to see more gear available.

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