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Fifteen52 Launches Three New Off-Road Wheels for 2022

Fifteen52 has introduced three new off-road wheels to their off-road collection: the Range HD, Metrix HD, and Patrol HD. These new models all feature optimized spoke windows for brake system ventilation and are designed with maximum brake clearance in mind.

The Range HD

Bringing a motorsport style to Fifteen52’s off-road wheel collection, the Range HD features a technical multi-spoke design and RockRing technology, which adds rigidity to the bead and is designed to prevent valve stem damage. Load ratings have been taken into account, and all five- and six-lug Range HDs are rated at 2,500 pounds per corner. All Fifteen52 wheels accept standard valve stems and factory TPMS sensors. Finally, Turbo Vanes cut down weight around the lip of the wheel and provide space for water, snow, and mud to run free without becoming trapped.

“The Range HD combines a technical multi-spoke rally design with our proven RockRing Technology offered in our core bolt patterns and tried and true HD spec to ensure the same fit and clearance that Fifteen52 customers have come to expect and appreciate. The Range HD introduces a distinct motorsport style to our rugged HD lineup.”

The Metrix HD

The Metrix HD is Fifteen52’s response to an increased demand for more adventure-inspired CUV and SUV wheels and features a 12-spoke open-windowed design with a deep lug bowl and pocketed valve stem seat. This is the first of Fifteen52’s wheels designed with a radial reinforced drop center, which the company says adds strength necessary for off-pavement endeavors. Popular vehicle fitments include the Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Land Cruiser, Ford Bronco, F-150 Raptor, Jeep Wrangler and more.

“A sibling to the Analog HD, the Patrol HD is the result of our quest to modernize iconic off-road styles with added functionality. All-aluminum construction reduces unsprung weight, while the Patrol HD’s bell-shaped barrel provides as much clearance as possible for today’s larger brake assemblies. The Patrol HD is engineered to perform whether it be on the sand or streets.”

The Patrol HD

The Patrol HD was inspired by steel wheels commonly found on classic trucks and four-wheel drive vehicles, but with a modern twist. Alloy construction and a contemporary design bring this wheel into the present with a nod to the past. The Patrol’s bell-shape barrel provides clearance for larger brake assemblies and includes popular fitments such as the 2021 Bronco, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, Jeep, Land Cruiser, and more.

To learn more, visit fifteen52.com.

About Fifteen52

“Founded in 1996, Fifteen52 is a wheel brand driven by an undying love for all things automotive. We choose to cast off expectations and the notion of following trends in order to do things our own way, offering a unique approach to modern wheel design. With a healthy injection of minimalist design language and inspiration pulled from the race paddocks and rally stages that influenced our formative years, Fifteen52 aims to adapt motorsport styling to the everyday encounters of street driving. Our goal is to equip enthusiasts with race-bred performance styling in a wheel that has the strength to handle proper daily abuse.”

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