Field Tested: Spyderco Endura 4

My first Spyderco was a Rescue model that I received for my 15th birthday. I’ve used it tirelessly for over two decades, and having never sharpened it, I still rely on it today. To me, there is no question about the quality of a Spyderco. Pick any model they make and you can trust it. Given the opportunity to test one of their newer knives I decided to reach for the Endura 4.

With its plain edge and full flat grind, (ZDP-189, C10GRE) it was an easy choice to write about the Endura 4. What grabbed my attention was its unapologetic simplicity. There are no crazy edges, serrations, bevels, chamfers, chisels, compounds, convexes or hollows. There is no sign of any famous knife-maker’s signature design flair. The Endura 4 is simply a well-made utilitarian knife that fills a void among a lot of the folders you find on the shelf.


Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 7.19.17 AM


The pocket clip can be reversed from one end to the other on either side of the handle with minimal effort. The large thumb hole facilitates and easy deployment of the blade, a signature of Spyderco’s design acumen. The lock is positioned mid-way along the handle providing good balance and control during closure.


The Endura 4 fills the need for a manageable folding knife that resembles a high quality go-to kitchen knife. Think about it, how great to have a knife that can be an everyday carry for utility work but still be long and thin enough to slice an apple without it chunking apart after being wedged by the broad shoulders of so common to other blades. It’s a knife that can be on call all day on the trail and then pull kitchen duty at camp. If you’re worried about food germs, its screwed-together design allows easy disassembly for a thorough cleaning. The Endura 4 plain edge offers a precision tool for delicate work with enough blade thickness to not be fragile. The 3.8” (97mm) blade length and 8.78” (223mm) overall length provide a firm grip, good balance and an impressive working blade surface. When folded the overall length is just less than 5” (126mm) but it only weighs a modest 3.3oz (94g).

The Endura line is not new; it was first introduced in 1990 and has undergone several evolutions. No doubt its proven design has been elevated with the introduction of ZDP-189 “super steel” that may hold an edge forever. We’ll see how long it takes before this one needs to be sharpened. Could it be another 20 years? MSRP: $171



Pictured in green


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